How Lo Lo Beds Prevent Elderly Patients from Falling?


Did your grandmother undergo surgery recently? You need to take the best care to help her to recover soon. Along with medication, along with rest and proper food, bed selection is an essential factor to consider.

Lo Lo Bed – The Right Choice for Elderly Patients

The bed on which your respectable grandmother will be resting must be comfortable enough. Along with ensuring high comfort, the bed must be adjustable. The height of the bed is a vital factor to consider.

If the bed chosen is too high, then there is a risk of falling. Falling may result in a significant mishap. If you are searching for a highly suitable option for your grandmother, then lo lo beds will be the best.

Characteristic Features of Lo Lo Bed

A bed having a low position will be a great choice for elderly patients. Some of the highlighted characteristic features that make lo lo bed among the right choices include:

  • Easy to adjust – An adjustable bed will be the best choice over the static bed, especially for elderly patients. As it can be aligned both horizontally and vertically, the patient will be able to relax at best.
  • Low risk of falling – People use to lose control over themselves with time. An elderly patient undergone surgery recently will be comfortable with a bed comprising low height. Sitting and getting up from a low height bed will prevent them from falling.
  • Promotes easy breathing – Adjustable low heightbeds for the elderly

will let the patient breathe easily. Only flat sleeping may restrict airways, thus resulting in snoring. With the increased flow of oxygen all along the body, the patient will be able to breathe comfortably.

  • Big improvement in mobility – As one gets older, it becomes difficult for her to get in and out of bed without help. Primarily manufactured aged care beds will make patients move in and out of bed independently.

An adjustable bed will also be a great gift item to a senior member. The comfort provided by them is innumerable. A sound sleep will help in promoting quick recovery.

Selection to be Made based on Size

The size is an essential consideration at the time of selecting beds. The bedside must have a considerable size to let patients of all heights fit comfortably.

You may feel free to take expert advice so that you may halt to a great decision.

Lo lo beds are inclusive of flexibility and remarkable features. Such beds will prevent elderly patients from falling and getting hurt.



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