How Much Is IELTS Score Required To Get Your Australian Work Visa Approved?


In order to get your business visa approved soon, you need to have certain skills along with proper documents. Skilled workers who have plans to move to Australia need to have a competent English level or score a minimum of 6 in the entire four IELTS test. Moreover, you need to score better to increase your point score, which will increase the chances of your business visa getting approved.

Here are the IELTS score criteria that you need to have for getting your Australian Business Visa approved…

Independent Visa or Visa Subclass 189 or Skilled Nominated visa or Visa Subclass 190

You need to score minimum 7 in all the test components to achieve the Proficient English level and be awarded with 10 points, which will allow you to get your work visa in Sydney approved. An IELTS score of minimum eight is needed in each of the test components so that you can reach the Superior level of English and be awarded with 20 points.

Visa Subclass 489 or Skilled Regional Visa

If you are applying for Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa or Visa Subclass 489 needs to have an IELTS score of minimum 6 in all the four tests under the Invited Pathway. Also, being a subsequent entrant, you must have a Functional English Level or score of 4.5 .

Visa 482

For the people who are applying for Visa 482 need to score at least 5 in total marks of IELTS, and minimum 4.5 in each test component, especially if you apply under the short stream. Besides, if you apply for the medium-stream, then you need to score 5 in total, as well as score minimum of 5 in all the test components. The labour agreement stream has a set of specifications in the English Language that must be fulfilled by the applicants.

Business and Investment Visas

In order to apply and get the business and investment visas approved, people must have at least have an ILET score of 4.5 on an average as well as all the test components. For more details on IELTS score for Australia Work Visa, you can contact an agent and proceed accordingly.

Thus, it can be clearly understood from the above-mentioned points that there a minimum score you need to obtain in IELTS for the Australian work permit so that you can get your visa easily approved. Also, it is recommended for you to consult an immigration agent to get more appropriate knowledge on IELTS score for a work visa



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