How Professionals Sand Wooden Decks Before Refinishing?


Sanding is one of the crucial steps to restore the dull and beaten decks. While repairing a worn deck, a deep powder washing is conducted by the professionals, which causes the components of the deck to raise or expand soaking the water. As soon as the wooden deck gets dry, it may cause the splinters. How to prevent it then? Well, here the sanding part comes. Sanding your deck after a power washing and before staining and sealing can give your wood restoration job a better finish with a great result.

What are Supplies Involved in  Professional Sanding?

The power sanders are being used to sand the decks, and come in 2 forms- one is the household sander, and another is the commercial sander. However, while leasing such sander devices, it needs you to have to proper knowledge to handle such devices as well as the right choice and methods of sanding. The wrong choice of sandpapers with excess rough grit can damage the soft-wood of your decks. Though it requires a lot of patience, a large deck may take several days of work. Even, in a sanding job, a person needs to wear safety glasses, masks, hearing protectors, knee pads and more such items to omit the chances of health risks.

Make sure your deck is thoroughly dry before you sand. Well, hiring a wooden floor sanding professional in Perth let you take the burden off your shoulder. You can get your deck floor sanded in the standard way without involving you to worry about leasing the supplies or putting any additional effort. So, here is the brief discourse on how professionals work for sanding the floors-

  • Prepare the Decks: They carefully inspect all the surfaces to find out the areas that need sanding. For example, the edges and surfaces of the decking, railings, and stairs may need sanding. Next to it, drive new fasteners to secure the screws to fix all the loose boards.
  • Sanding the Deck Surface: While sanding, the professionals sand the deck surface to smooth it out. For sanding deck floorboards in Perth, they use sandpaper grit which is not rougher than 60 or 80. Professionals may use any of the orbital and drum sander. The orbital floor sanders are quite small in size compared to drum sander, whereas the drum sanders are difficult to handle. Next to it, they do a thorough vacuuming before staining.

After sanding the decks, thorough vacuuming is not enough. So, professionals wipe all the surfaces with wet wipes and remove all the traces of sanding dust with a clean rug before sealing.



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