How Pros Would Clean Window Sills During End of Lease Cleaning?


End of lease cleaning is an intricate affair. Remember, the very fate of your bond money depends upon how perfectly it is conducted. A picture-perfect EOL cleaning will help you get back the entire bond money intact. That is the reason people always put stakes on professionals, who are into various types of domestic and commercial cleaning.

Now, there are numerable aspects to discuss, when it is all about this type of business. The pros would emphasise each of these aspects with immaculate accuracy to fulfil the bespoke needs of their clients.

Take, for instance, taking care of the window sills. The end of lease cleaning pros in Richmond would follow specific needs to take care of them, so much so that they appear as good as new, once the cleaning is done with.

The tools that the pros use…

Though the process that the professional cleaners follow and the time they take to clean the window sills depends upon the weather of the area of the property in question, the tools they use would generally be:

  • An old toothbrush or similar object
  • A Spray bottle full of water
  • Microfibre cloth
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A little bit of dish soap or one tbsp of baking soda

Step 1: Getting Rid of the Dry Dust

This ought to be the very first step, wherein the pros would see off the dry dust as much as possible before they apply water from the spray bottle. This is to avoid the mud formed when the water comes in contact with the dry dust. Once that happens, getting rid of that filth becomes a stiffer challenge even for the end of lease cleaning professionals.

One crucial aspect is vacuum cleaning, which will help them get rid of the larger debris. They would use compressed air jets for spraying the dust out and vacuum up all the remnants. At times, for too dusty sills, they would use more powerful vacuums for removing the dust particles.

Step 2: Wet cleaning…

The would add a drop or two of the dish soap or the baking soda (the entire amount) into the water of the spray bottle, and spray the liquid on the sill. Then they would let the liquid settle for a couple of minutes or more, depending upon the extent of dirt still arrested on the surface.

Now, the end of lease cleaning professionals in Hawthorn would take the toothbrush or a similar tool to brush the sill track and the surface thereof to see off the caked-on debris. Once the entire area is thoroughly brushed, they would take the microfibre cloth and wipe all the residue that still remains. Corners are taken care of by wrapping the fabric around their fingers and scratching off the excess dirt more easily.



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