How Security Guards Help Avert Fire Emergencies?


Other than mitigating inventory losses and preventing unauthorised entries, another key role of a security guard is to prevent fire catastrophes inside or around a facility.

These guards play the role of fire-watch security guards look out for any potential signs of a fire hazard- regardless of whether they are positioned somewhere or on patrol.

Their responsibility is to inspect even the commonest of things which are a potential threat to start a fire. Furthermore, they also inspect those ares having combustible objects, electrical equipment, a strangle of old electric wires which produce heat or sparks when they shouldn’t!

Since unusual smoke and heat are common giveaways of a fire, these security guards in Albury (or even elsewhere) will scan the area for shards of evidence that may have started it.

What Else Are They Responsible For?

Freeing Up The Whole Corridors:-

The first responsibility of a quality fire watch security guard is to free up the whole corridors of impediments, combustible components and other items which may cause any form of obstruction.

They will also prevent panic from spreading and ensure the evacuation is done properly without any form of injuries or casualties.

Keeping Both Exit And Entry Doors Clear:-

It is normal for people inside the facility to descend into chaos on hearing news about a possible fire emergency. They all want to vacate the premises as quickly as possible to prevent any harm to them.

In such situations, the security guard will be entrusted to clear out all exit and entry doors to allow a smooth exit for everyone present. Furthermore, they will also help those physically disabled or pregnant ladies to clear out the premise safely.

Putting Away All Damaged Fire Suppressors:-

Another key aspect which security guards are responsible for doing is putting way all damaged fire suppressors that are damaged from the common sight. Along with that, the security guard in-charge should inform the senior about such damages so that the facility owners can take necessary actions.

Properly Checking If The Fire Alarm Is Functioning Or Not:-

Fire alarms are one clear way by which most inside the facility will become aware of a fire emergency. Keeping this in mind, a reliable security guard will check the fire alert system to ensure it does work and notifies as many people as possible.

Taking Flammables Objects And Explosives Away From Ignition Sources:-

Another prime responsibility of a fire security guard is to keep all flammable objects and explosives far away from potential ignition sources. This is one way to avert potential fires from starting inside or near the premise and endangering everyone.

These are some of the key responsibilities that experienced security guards in Albury will adhere to. They are the first-line of defence even in the face of a fire calamity and their instincts will always be to safeguard and protect the people and the property.

If your facility is devoid of any fire-watch guard, contact a reliable security companies in Albury and convey your requirements.

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