How the Best Painters Prepare Surfaces for External Painting



Exterior painting is equally important as interior painting. It takes the same amount of time and preparation for exterior painting. External painting requires more skill as they are in open space, and go through more pollution. The dirt, dust, debris needs rigorous cleaning and correct techniques of paintings.  However, as you have already spent enough money on interior painting, the outside painting has to be cheap yet quality service.

You should know professional painters have a different way of preparing the surface of the exterior wall before giving the coating. They go through step by step guide before the painting.

Cleaning the surface

As the surface is full of debris, it requires cleaning and patching. First of all, you can use a sponge and soapy liquid mixture to get rid of the grime. You can use a water hose to clean the wall.  After wet cleaning, go for dry cleaning with bleaching powder to clean the molds. Let the bleaching powder mixture soak for 15 minutes. Best painters in Melbourne use these techniques to clean the surface first.


As the surface is rough, the paint will not stay for if the coating is done on an uneven surface. The main purpose is to make the paint stay. That’s why they use sandpaper to smoothen the uneven surface.

Check for damaged and cracked areas:

Due to raining, or sunlight and other reasons, there can be the possibility of cracking and damaging in the exterior surface walls. First, the step is to check for those damaged and cracked areas and then repairing them. Try to paint them without refilling those damaging, is not at all professional work. The advice from professional painters near Essendon is to fill up those gaps with acrylic seals. Make sure you use an acrylic base and not silicone-based, as thesilicone base seals are not paintable, they obstruct the painting work.

Check for bare timber, bricks

It is possible that any brick or timber work is not done efficiently in construction work. Starting to work on those bare unfinished timber or brick surface make the painting work worsens. It is advisable to finish the timber or brick finishing properly, then only go panting task.

Some handy tips:

  • Use a quality cleansing gel to clean the surface.
  • If the sanding work has a lot of loads, then go for hiring a sanding machine.
  • Use UVprotected painting available in Melbourne best quality painting shop. It is also trending.
  • Use acrylic seal for filling gaps and cracks.

Hope now you know everything about surface cleaning before starting painting work and follow all the steps. Hope you hire a professional who has ample knowledge about it.



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