How to Choose an External Colour Scheme for Your Rendered Home


Choosing paint colours for home exterior colour scheme feels like a big commitment. It can be an expensive and quite daunting job that need to involve scaffolding or ladders. And, if needs it to be done right at the first time, here are a few things you need to follow-

Know What Your Building Tells You:

It’s all about choosing the right colour and where they need to be applied. You also need to know your style preferences and colours that you’re naturally attracted to. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself-

  • Do You Need Your Home Look Grounded? If yes, you can ask your render painting professional to put the base in dark colour, so it feels more solid and grounded.

Are there interior rendered parts that you want to stand out? If yes, then you can ask professionals to go for the contrasting colours for a more prominent look.

  • A Particular Aesthetic for Your House: Want to have Hamptons feel or a coastal style? Or something edgy or contemporary? Each of these styles needs different colour schemes.

Irrespective of the architectural style of your home, you often can paint your home to meet your personal taste. Usually, the dark or black greys are more associated with modern and edgy buildings.

Where to Change the Colours?

It is rarely found nowadays that people choose to paint the exterior entirely. While going by the trend, you will find people are more about painting specific areas of their home.

  • So, What About the Base, Middle or Top?

Be it single or double story home. The base, middle and top generally comprises of floors, walls and roof and you can apply the contrasting colours to make it more inviting. Since the home is a 3-dimensional object, when changing colours on an pushed out corner with external rendering, there comes a difficulty for a painter to do a neat job.

  • Maintain the Consistency:

Choosing the same colour for your exterior or interior will help you to feel connected while creating a seamless flow inside and out.

Lastly, people often forget to check out the scope to use natural materials and colours for the exterior. Why not have natural tile in the front door or brick colour to the low landscape. Even, you can choose metal cladding to some parts of your home that can make use of a simple colour palette.



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