How to Design a Vanity That Will Suit Your Bathroom


With careful planning and attention to detail, anyone can design exceptional vanity. With professionals, there are plenty of decisions people can make. Starting from the layout to the style of the countertop and sinks- everything is counted. Here is how you should go while choosing the design for your new vanity space.

  • Vanities With a Good Layout:

Before you decide on colours, fixtures and finishes, you have to know where your vanity will be installed, and how big it’s going to be.

In case of bathroom renovations in Hornsby with a galley layout, it takes two vanity spaces that are separated, forming a corridor-like space. Each of these space can include sinks, seating space and another one for wash-ups.

In many bathrooms, you can find horizontal vanities with one selection of cabinetry. Such vanities are efficient enough with the amount of counter space and storage.

Many homeowners prefer L shaped vanities, especially for master bathrooms. Even though space maximisation doesn’t always happen, they offer sufficient space for other activities. In bigger bathrooms, L-shaped one never feels lack of space.

  • Consider the Number Of Sinks:

Are you in search of a vanity style that can hold a number of sinks? Well, most homeowners prefer double sinks that comes easy with professionals for bathroom renovations in Miranda.

Vanities smaller than 60 inches usually have only one sink. The sink will have standard cabinet doors and drawers. Vanities that are more than 60 inches wide can hold 2 sinks. Or, you can have one sink, with extra counter space.

  • Styles That Suit Your Bathroom:

As soon as you’re done with choosing the layout, and the number of sinks you want, the next thing you have to determine is the vanity design. Decide whether you want a traditional one or something antique?

The vanities don’t always have to be built-ins, the free-standing vanities with open shelving instead of a closed cabinet. It can also feature furniture-style details.

Vanities that come as floating style are mounted to the wall and has the open space below. However, if you don’t need storage space at all and seeking for minimalist design, the wall-mounted countertop will be the best in your next bathroom renovations by professionals in Mosman.

Well, there are more such things like the type of sink, fixtures and countertop are the other factors you should consider to set up the right cabinetry for your bathroom. And, don’t forget to coordinate the rest of your design and colour scheme with the cabinet installation.



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