How to Drive Safely Through Wildfire? Some Safety Tips


How to Drive Safely Through Wildfire

Things are not looking very healthy for the country when we look at what’s happening to the wildlife. It’s frightening, to say least. So for the people who are caught in the midst of the devastating wildfire, which now keeps on razing and engulfing new areas, escaping from its gasp is their priority. They are escaping by whatever means they can.

Against this backdrop, a knowledge of how to drive safely through wildfire will be of immense help. Yes, any quality driving school in Melbourne will teach the techniques, but a brush up in this challenging time will do a world of good to the people. This will help you to stay safe and get away as far as possible at the slightest hint of fire in your area during the summers.


Parking in a vacant area will be the wisest step

If you are to park your vehicle, do so in a vacant space, with no vegetation in close proximity. Make sure that there are no flammable debris, loose twigs or branches, bush, shrubs or trees nearby.

Keep the ignition key in the keyhole so that you can start your car at the drop of a hat. If possible, keep the engine on, since there is an outside chance of the car not restarting when you need it to!!!

Park the car behind a building or any solid structure, if possible.

Turn on the hazard lights and the headlines

While you move, keep the headlights as well as the hazard lights on, so that you make the car visible amidst all the smoke and haze. This will help the rescue teams and the firefighters spot your car and guide you out of the inferno. Even if you have parked the car, keep the headlights as well as the hazard lights on, for helping others spot and rescue you.

Keep the radios on to know the latest info about the fire!

Roll up the windows — close the air vents

Bush fires burn for miles and burn incessantly. Hence, if you come across an advancing spell of fire, blown in by high winds that are unavoidable, you have your task cut out!!

Firstly, keep cool and hold your nerves. Remember, your car will be your first line of defence against the inferno. Stop the car, roll up the windows and close every air vent. Make sure every outlet is completely closed. Set the car AC to recirculate the air inside. This will prevent the smoke from getting inside and suffocate you if the fire comes closer.

Lay down after putting the car to a halt

Lay down on the floor below the level of the windows after you have stopped your car. This will save you from the radiant heat.

Use a blanket to protect your skin

This will be your second line of defence. Keep blankets in the car during summer if you have to drive through forest areas. They will come in handy in these situations.

Wrap yourself up as much as possible to protect your skin. Do not use a synthetic blanket or a wet blanket. The heat of the advancing fire will create a steam that will fry your skin.

Once again, stay calm. The roads do not catch fire — the woods do. Hence, if you are caught in a ball or spell of fire, it’s just a part of the flame that is blown in by the strong wind. It will pass over! Staying calm and spending those few moments safely is what will matter the most.

Quality driving lessons given by Melbourne driving schools will have all these instructions included in their curriculum. Yet, brushing them up in these difficult times will come in handy.



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