How to Identify the Dry Wood for Your Wood Burning Stove


If you don’t have properly seasoned wood, it becomes hard to have a good fire. Especially when it is wet wood, getting it fired will leave you cold and frustrated. The reason why wood doesn’t get burnt is the water content in it that prevents wood from absorbing enough heat to ignite. When you keep igniting a wet wood, the water turns into vapour, absorbing enough heat in the burning process. To yield the best burning result, make sure you have driest tinder and kindling.

So, do you know when the firewood is dry? Let’s have a brief discourse.

Ideal Dryness Of the Wood: Firewood is considered as dry when the moisture content is lower than 18%. The moisture content in the firewood supply in Woodend indicates the amount of water in it that is expressed as the percentage of firewood weight. For example, a piece of firewood that weighs 1kg with the moisture content of 20% contains 200 grams of water.

How to Check Whether the Firewood Is Dry:

If you use moist firewood, it can damage both the environment and the user, because of the smoke generation. So, here are the ways how you can check the dryness of the wood-

  • Use the washing-up liquid to test the firewood.
  • Do the sound test by banging 2 logs together and find if there is any popping sound. It can give you an indication of firewood dryness.
  • Look at the logs, dirt, fungi, and mould, which are the signs of moisture.

Do the Soap Test on the Firewood: It is an easy way to test the dryness of supplied firewood in Romsey. You can use regular washing soap for the test. And, here is how you can do it-

  • Add a little soap on the end of the log.
  • Put your mouth at another end to blow through the log.

If you find appearing bubbles at the other end of the log, it is an indication that there are channels inside it that can transport water. In a cut and seasoned firewood in Lancefield, water will disappear, and it can’t pass through when you blow air.

Look at The Firewood: The appearance of your firewood can tell about its water content while assessing its dryness. Here are the things you must ensure-

  • Dry cracks on end.
  • Wood without fungi and mould.
  • The non-existence of smell of resin and juice.
  • Clearly visible growth of rings.
  • Light in colour- as the sun exposure makes the wood yellow, old and eventually turns it to greyish. Even, in some cases, bark gets separated from the wood.

So, here are a few things you can do to test the dryness of the wood. If the points described above meets the condition of your wood, rest assured, you have found the right wood to ignite the fire.



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