How To Keep Nervousness At Bay Before Drive Test – the Best Ways


In most of the cases, new trainers fail to crack the test, not for any technical fault, but..hold your breath, for sheer nervousness. They, in spite of accumulating all the technical knowledge, fail to deliver when it matters the most, at the test. The result? They fail to crack the test at one go and obtain the much-coveted licence!

So what’s the way out? Here they are!!

Talk to Yourself to Bring in That Positive Vibe

As the day of the test nears, you need to keep on saying yourself you are ready for the test. Otherwise, they would have never allowed you to appear. So tell yourself, YOU ARE READY!!! And do so repeatedly! This will impart a world of confidence in you! And it will help you to make you feel better in the lead up to the test.

Nervousness At Bay Before Drive Test

Keep the Event Under the Carpet Till It is Over

Do not divulge that you have enrolled in a driving school in Greater Geelong. Keep it a secret till it is over. Or else, the sheer inquisitiveness of your friends and foes alike, and the expectations of your family will pin you down, leaving you nervous at the wheels.

Do Not Skip Your Meals

This is a mistake that people at times would commit on the night before the test. Some do not like having meals out of sheer nervousness. But the reality is that lack of food will leave your brain short of the adequate fuel that it needs for thinking. This will leave you short of concentration when you are at the test.

Consider the Test as a Mock

This is another nice way of getting rid of the phobia of test. You must have gone through a number of mock tests when you took the driving lessons in Greater Geelong school. Consider the test to be one of those mocks. This will help you gain in confidence, out of the very thought, that if you have passed so many mocks with flying colours, you can crack this one as well.

Do Not Try Too Hard

At times, trying too hard can bring your downfall. In the test, do just what s asked from you. Trying to act too smart can lead you to failure.

So keep these basics right and straight, and it will pave your way to success in the driving test.



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