How to Keep the Trailer Brakes in Check?


No matter the kind of brake system you have, you will always have to do regular checks on them.

The following are the trailer brake maintenance tips that will surely help you keep your trailer in a good state.

  • It is important to inspect every element of the trailer, the most important one being the brakes! Every part of the braking system must be checked for repairs or any signs of possible damages. You must do thorough checks of the drums, shoe return springs, shoes and even the hardware. It is important to look for possible signs of rust or corrosion. The parts that seem to be grinding together may tend to get corroded or even the shoes or the drums that are too thin need to be replaced.
  • Also, you must compare and contrast both sides of the braking system. If you notice the brakes to be wearing differently or unevenly, then this can be a possible sign of you not loading the trailer properly! The trailer must be loaded evenly and in a proper manner. Any issue with the uneven wearing of trailer brakes might be due to the hitch or say due to some other issue at play that too needs to be fixed.
  • When you think about the specifications of the trailer brakes, then you will have to think about the specific parts of the brakes too! In the case of electrical brakes, you must check their wiring and other connections in check. This is done to check the broken wires or the frays. You may try to troubleshoot by pushing the trailers with the surge in order to check whether the braking system gets activated or not. If it does not get activated then there might be some issue with the brake fluid or the master or wheel cylinders.
  • Regular inspections of the trailer brakes are absolutely essential. As many of you do not use the trailer on a daily basis so there are chances of the brakes lagging due to prolonged resting. You must take your trailer for a drive almost every month. Doing so will ensure that they are being looked after! They will get some ‘exercise’ and there will be fewer chances of brake malfunctioning due to less usage!

Regular trailer brakes inspections are necessary for your safety too! In case you find any malfunctioning with the entire brake system or any of its components, consider getting it repaired by the professionals.



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