How to look for a Private Transfer Company amidst This Pandemic?


The Novel COVID 19 Pandemic has hit us hard…really hard! The country like the rest of the world has come to a standstill. Not many businesses are operating under present circumstances – only a few are! And the private transport companies that are still serving people need a special round of applause for their generosity. Life, after all, goes on and these are the companies that are helping people in this difficult time.


Thus, what to do if you at all need to step out and go somewhere in an emergency? Companies offering private transfers to Coolangatta and other places are not that abundant as in normal times. Over that, you need to be careful to pick up the reputed companies that are sticking to the guidelines circulated by the government.

Here are a few things to look at before putting money on a private transfer company.

See if the driver is maintaining the hygiene 

The drivers need to sanitize themselves at regular intervals while ferrying passengers. They need to wash their hands periodically, whenever they can or otherwise keep them sanitizing with alcohol-based sanitizer from time to time. They are expected to use high-quality masks and use disposable gloves while handling money.

Inquire about how safe is the car

When it comes to taking care of the car, the drivers are supposed to sanitize their car at least a few times all throughout the day and after each trip, they are supposed to sanitize the upholstery, particularly the areas that have come in direct contact with the passenger.

Maintaining social distancing while handling passengers

Though the passengers are not expected to get over the shoulder of the driver even in normal circumstances, yet there have been some norms that have been circulated by the government. Under the new guidelines, the drivers are not supposed to carry too many people in the cab. The best is carrying a solitary passenger who should be masked and a minimum physical distance is maintained between the driver and the passenger.

See if the Driver is well acquainted with the routes

This is another imperative that you need to look for. Make sure that the driver is well familiar with all the routes to your destination. Though it is needless to say that under the present condition you are not likely to get stuck in a traffic snarl but to minimize the travel time and exposure to the outdoors, you need to take the shortest route to your destination to cut down the travel time drastically. See if the driver is familiar with the shortest way to the destination.

Last but not the least, see if the company providing private transfers to Gold Coast is charging abnormally high rate taking undue advantage of the situation – something a reputed company will NEVER do!

Then, if you have to travel, choose your transport company wisely and stay safe.



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