How to Maintain a Good Driving Etiquette on the Road


We, humans, must show more courtesy while driving, and learning to follow the road rules are one of the forms to ensure it. So, when it comes to practising a good road etiquette, there a few things to do while hitting the road-

Leaving Gaps:

It is a good driving etiquette that let you maintain safety. And, there are 2 purposes filled in this way-

  • It let other vehicles to pass.
  • You can contribute to smoothing out the traffic flow. It means there will be reduced traffic jams.

By enrolling in a driving school in Ryde, you will be practising this habit when you no more have to park your car in the areas that ask you to keep the road clear. Moreover, smooth traffic means, there will be less use of brakes and accelerator, which ensures better fuel economy.

Use Your Indicators Wisely: 

If you use indicator properly means you will giving other road users the advanced warning about your next move on the road. It is especially useful when you are driving slowly and looking for a parking spot or looking for an unknown address, and don’t know what move to make next. Well, according to the Australian road rules, you must give signals before turning from one road or lane to another.

Maintain the Speed Limit as Same As Others Around You on the Road:

 If you are driving at a low speed than everyone else, then speed up to make way for other road users. However, driving faster on a busy road can make other road users nervous. So, if you are not confident enough to reach the optimum speed limit while driving, then it is better to evaluate your choices of transportation medium. Did you know driving at the consistent speed can help you to speed up in a more economical way by saving the fuel? So, get enrolled today at a reputed driving school in Castle Hill to master the vehicle manoeuvring skill maintaining the speed.

A Friendly Wave:

It’s a nice gesture to say thanks to other drivers when they give you the way to let you move ahead. Have you have ever experienced a truck driver on the road who pull over and let you pass? If yes, giving them a friendly wave with a smile. Though giving a vehicle necessary space to pass is a sensible form of driving, which may not need a friendly wave in return, but it looks and feels good to do so.

The bottom line is if you drive in a smooth manner, it will be more fuel-efficient and you will experience less harsh acceleration and less hard braking, and you will reach your destination with more calmness.



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