How to Paint Your Child’s Face – Some Tips for Parents


Face painting makes your children absolutely delightful and they can’t stop showing off their teeth. If you are a beginner then this blog post is for you. With basic face painting equipments you can easily paint your child’s face. If you have zero knowledge about painting, you need not worry. Follow the guidance which this blog presents to you and you will paint like a pro!

Tools and Equipments

The first thing that you will have to do is to gather all the paint supplies that you have at your house. If your neighbor is willing to lend you her own supplies then take it for sure, as the more colors you will have the better will it be! Paints come in various qualities such as grease base, wax based and even the dry pressed powdered ones. You can also make use of glitters and face stencils in order to get a perfect finish of the design that you want to paint. Most of the face stencils are reusable so if you lack one then you must definitely buy it.

Use of Face Paints and Tools

You will have to activate the face paints with the help of sponges. You will have to make the tip of the sponge wet and then gently rub it on the face paint cake in order to make the paint creamy. In case you lack a sponge, you may also use a brush to activate the paints. So at the time of face painting in Sydney make sure to carry both the sponges as well as the brushes. The sponges are used to gently dab on the paint onto the skin while the brushes can be used to give gentle strokes. Also it is easier to blend the colors with a sponge!

Some More Tips

  • Make sure to clean al the brushes and equipments before and after using it.
  • Avoid using baby wipes as they might get stuck to the paint cakes!
  • Do not paint on your child’s face if it has a cut or any kind of damaged skin. As this might lead to the spread of various skin infections.
  • Washing your hands before starting the painting is highly advisable!

If you still face difficulty in the painting then it is obvious that you should look out for a face painter in Sydney. These painters make use of good quality paints that are completely allergen free!



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