How to Prep Your House Before the Arrival of Residential Painters?


You ought to prepare the house before the painters arrive as this will allow them to work more freely and with ease. The following are the general tips that you must take into consideration while you paint the house before the arrival of the painters:



  • Removal of wall hangings!

The first thing that should grab your attention is the walls! Start with the walls and remove the expensive commodities. These include all the photos, frames and all the artwork. Carefully secure and place them in cartons. Next you have to carefully remove the entire mirror placed on the walls. If the nails are in good condition then you may keep them as well as the holes left behind will be eventually filled by the painters! It is no doubt that the painting services will do their best but in order for them to do their best you will have to ensure that the walls are cleared of these things.

  • Care of the furniture and its belongings!

The next thing that needs preparation prior to painting is the furniture! Say if your furniture is placed in the middle of the room then all you need to do is cover them with any large cloth so that they do not get spoilt by the paint stains. If the furniture is placed against the walls then they must be removed and dismantled. A lot of people like to store cutlery and expensive dishes in the cupboards of the living room. Make sure to remove them and empty the cupboards! This will ensure that the residential painters of Brisbane and other places work more efficiently.

  • Cleaning of the walls!

While some companies do the cleaning and vacuuming themselves, some still ask you to do it prior to their arrival. Cleaning and vacuuming will help to make the rooms and walls free of dust and cobwebs. So once you are done with the cleaning, make sure to ask the painters to gently mop the walls clean prior to the onset of work. Doing so will ensure that no speck of dust will cling to the paint once it is coated on the walls!

So the next time you plan to do the residential painting in Brisbane painting services, be aware while you hire them. Go by their testimonies and also look forward to take suggestions from your near and dear ones! These suggestions are all much needed and so is the checking of their credentials and insurance policy.



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