How to Prepare your Home Before Residential Painting Contractors Arrive?


If you are awaiting residential painters, do not sit idle. You have chores for things to do. You need to prepare your home for the painting. Hence, you must do things that will help the painting professionals to get straight on to painting when they arrive. This will help to complete the work fast and check the budget.

What are the things to do before your residential painting contractors in Sydney arrive?

Clear the Walls…

You need to clear the walls first of all. You need to remove the wall hangings, ornaments, and another interior décor from the wall, to clear them altogether. Take off the mirrors and photos, wall clock and hanging shelves and whatever you have, to expose the walls, making them ready to be prepared and painted.

Take Note of the Access and the Obstructions

While preparing the interiors of your home, you must ensure that every nook and cranny of the room walls, the ceiling can be accessed from top to bottom, inch by inch. That is the reason, if you find any obstruction of any kind between the walls or the ceiling and the painters, you must clear them off. Remove whatever electrical appliance you might have got in the room to be painted, and that should include the ceiling fan and the indoor unit of the split AC. In case you have to window AC that cannot be dismantled and removed, you need to have it covered perfectly.

Remove the carpets and mattresses, rugs, curtains, and all the removable furniture to vacate the rooms as much as you can.

Covering the Electrical Plugs and Switch Plates Properly

You must protect the walls from the dust and dirt and the traces of paints during the preparation and painting of the walls. You must use painters’ tape to seal the opening and the plugs & switch plates properly.

Prepare a Schedule of Our Daily Chores

Professionals from the qualified and reputed provider of residential painting services in Sydney will not take much time to complete the painting project. Nor will they make a mess while carrying out their tasks. Still, you may very well expect some change in your daily routine and some alterations in your daily chores. Thus, you need to chalk out a daily routine so that you can adjust yourself and gel your daily routine with their paining schedules, during the duration of the project.



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