How to Secure Your Bond Back?3 Must-Dos for Those Moving Out


When deciding to choof out, one thing which you should never ignore is cleaning up your home thoroughly. Firstly, it is common courtesy not to leave the house like you couldn’t organise a booze-up at a pub. And secondly, your bond money depends on it.

A dardy option is hiring bees knees bond cleaners and getting the task done properly. With that; you need to do some things on your own to ensure that cleaning is 100% adequate.

Check em out, mate!

  • Spit up the cleaning in several days: You should make a schedule for your bond back cleaning.

Ideally, it takes

  • 4-7 hours for cleaning up a 3BHK apartment
  • 2-5 hours for a studio apartment
  • And a full day for large homes

Most owners are unaware of the amount of work involved and that leaves them with little time to achieve proper cleaning. Worse case being, they having to do with a small portion of their bond money!

So the best thing would be to split up the clean-up task in several days and get it done perfectly.

  1. Getting your items out of the house prior to cleaning: Exit cleaning requires more comprehensive cleaning than usual and with your items in the way; it makes it harder for pro cleaners to achieve that.

Getting your items out of the house before the cleaning starts is one way to guarantee 100% cleaning. Plus it helps you cut the time in half.

  • Requesting experts to clean up every section and corner of your house:The most crucial part for you is finding a dink-di Bond Back Cleaning company in Melbourne and requesting a thorough clean-up.

For that; you need to invest heaps of time to research and sort out your cleaners. Once you find a reliable agency; you need to request them to clean up every section and corner of your house.

Their Bond Back cleaning usually includes:

  • Kitchen Cleaning-Sinks, pantry, cupboards, drawers, shelves, backsplash, stovetop, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, handles, sprout, etc.
  • Bathroom Cleaning –Tile surfaces, dirty toilets, shower heads, faucets, shower glass screens, basins, baths, air vents, medicine cabinets, vanity, handles, sprouts, etc.
  • Living, Dining, Bedroom Cleaning – Vacuuming/mopping floors, skirting board, door frames, blinds, wardrobe mirrors, sills, light switches, power points, light fixtures, walls, carpets, etc.
  • Balcony, Laundry and Garage Cleaning – Dryer lint, sinks, handles, sprouts, floors washers, sliding patio doors, tracks, windows, etc.

By taking up comprehensive domestic house cleaning services in Melbourne and by following all the other criterions mentioned; you are sure to get your bond money.

So, crack the whip and get on with it.



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