How to Start off With Your Building’s Exterior Paint Job? – An Insider’s Take


Planning an exterior house painting job isn’t an easy undertaking. From planning, budgeting, choosing a paint colour to successful completion of the painting project within a deadline, it takes a lot of effort, time and patience to come up with a flawless painting outcome.

Here are a few aspects to consider that can help you plan an exterior painting project effortlessly and make your investment worth every penny.

Planning the Cost

The first and foremost step towards planning a painting project is budgeting.  The overall scope of the paintwork will significantly influence both the money and labour you put in. Labour charges may include anything from scraping off old paint, fixing peeling paint, surface preparation to various other aspects which will significantly impact your overall cost.

Before you decide to hire professional exterior painting services in Springfield, ask the contractor about the issues that need to be addressed before commencing the work to ensure you don’t run out of budget.

Selecting the Right Paint Color

While planning to repaint your building’s exterior, you need to keep in mind a lot of factors such as roof shingles, stonework, trim and other elements to ensure they don’t ruin the colour tone.

Additionally, you need to pick colours taking into consideration your surrounding neighbourhood. For instance, if other houses in your locality feature subtle colours, applying dark pastel colours on your building’s exterior can demean the visual aesthetics and make your house look awkward.

Determine the Best Time to Paint

When it comes to painting building’s exteriors, choosing the right time of the season is important. Usually, summer is the best time to carry out paintwork, but if you want to avoid getting the job done during peak season, you can ask the contractors offering exterior painting services in Springfield to schedule the project during winter.

Weather conditions significant impacts on an exterior building painting project and can lead to unfavourable outcomes if not performed accurately. Try not to paint your building’s exterior while it’s too hot or cold as outside moisture can seep through the walls and cause paint to peel off early than expected.

Hiring the Right Contractor

To ensure the exterior paintwork of your building is done smoothly and effortlessly, you need to bank upon the right painting contractor. A professional painter who has years of experience in providing impeccable painting solutions can help you on repairs, priming, sanding, color selection, prepping to get the job done right.

While looking for a painting contractor, make sure you ask about their work experience, insurance coverage and if possible, try to have a look at their past work references. This will give you a brief idea about their authority on work and ensure your job is in trusted hands.

So these are some vital aspects you need to consider while planning an exterior house painting job to ensure you get value for money. If you like this post, don’t forget to give thumbs up!



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