How to Upgrade to Smart Metering- A Brief Discourse


When it comes to upgrading your current metering technology, smart meters or type 4 meters are the preferred one that digitally measures how much electricity you are using, and the device sends the information to the energy retailer remotely. It saves you from the hassle of reading the meter manually, which in turn saves you from the error too.


How Is Smart Meter Different from Current Metering Technology?

A smart meter digitally measures the flow of electricity across the house within the 15-30 minutes of intervals and reports back to meter service provider daily. The older style of meter measures approximate total electricity used over a span of time, which can be less accurate. However, for a more reliable reading, the smart meter allows people to determine how much energy they want to consume. In this way, the users can reduce the usage and save the cost and environment as well.

When Do You Need to Upgrade the Meter? 

If you want to go green by installing grid powered solar power system, a smart meter and compatible switchboard make it possible. An old and outdated switchboard is also incompatible with the solar power system and makes it quite dangerous to work with unsafe and non-reliable ceramic fuses. It is important to speak to the skilled electricians in Campbelltown to carry out the switchboard upgrades in future.

Moreover, if your meter box is outdated, then it can pose some serious risks like catching fire. In case your meter doesn’t have any trip switches or isolation links, there could be a serious safety issue.

What are the Benefits You Can Get by Upgrading to Smart Meter?

The smart meters seem to be the saviour against the billing errors and meter faults. But to reap the benefits of the upgrades to smart meters, the users need to be educated on the facts and benefits. So, read on a few benefits on upgradation to smart meters-

  • It can save your money by avoiding the issues of wrong meter readings, which used to lead to higher electricity bill with no remote accessibility for the retailers. With accurate meter reading by upgrades to smart meters, you can save your money to the electricity bill.
  • You can manage your energy consumption better with frequent availability of updated data. The data will provide information on electricity consumption.
  • Smart meter provides easy monitoring facility of electricity conditions like faults and blackouts.

Though the data of smart meter can be shared remotely to the retailers, there must be the privacy to keep those data protected, and only the energy retailer can access it apart from you. In this smart metering system, your data is protected under the Federal Privacy Act 1988, which governs the personal information handling part. So, call a local electrician in Oran Park and upgrade your monitoring system today!



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