How Winter Weather Damage Exposes Your Roof Siding to Asbestos?


Brutal winter storms are dangerous and invite potential dangers of icy roads and freezing temperature. Snow and raging winter perils adversely affect the structural integrity of building and make them vulnerable to deadly asbestos. Moreover, winter brings along the risk of water damage due to bursting of pipes which further makes roof prone to mesothelioma. As frustrating and costly as water damage can be, it’s nothing compared to the health hazards brought in by inhaling deadly asbestos fibres exposed as a result of demolition or house renovations.

According to renowned experts, many people are still unaware of the deadly consequences of winter weather damage that can expose roof to asbestos and lead to a higher risk of mesothelioma. Although majority of the homeowners focus on fixing structural damages brought in by the season’s raging cold, they always prefer hiring experts offering professional asbestos removal near Manly to get the job done with perfection and care.

Most buildings constructed prior to 1980s contain asbestos and if yours is an inherited property, chances are high, your building was probably built with asbestos. Studies and researches have proved that asbestos fetches deadly health hazards and the risk of mesothelioma has always been highest for people who are exposed to these materials at large concentrations.

So how can you keep the health hazards of asbestos at bay?

The best way to safeguard yourself from the deadly health implications of asbestos is to leave the job of house renovations in Manly Cost to professionals.  Contractors offering house renovations are specially trained to inspect the building materials before performing the demolition work to ensure there’s no hazardous material in the foundation.

Raging winter storms bring along potential structural damages and rain expose roof siding to mould, bugs and asbestos. If you aren’t sure whether water damage has exposed asbestos, you can get in touch with a certified asbestos inspector to determine the level of risk. They can conduct a series of tests to analyse the level of risk and take appropriate actions to protect your family from the dreadful consequences of asbestos.

Many of us think that asbestos is a condition of the past and assume ourselves to be safe from their hazardous implications, but the fact is we are still dealing with asbestos on a daily basis unknowingly. Asbestos continues to surround us in the environment in many unexposed places and poses a constant threat to our life. Hence, before taking the plunge of any demolition work, it’s always wise to hire licensed inspectors who can certify asbestos content and ensure safety at it’s best.



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