Identify the Best Rolling Paper for Tobacco by Following These Steps



To enjoy smoking it is essential to find the rolling paper that just works. It will make your smoking time smoother giving an everlasting experience. However, if the quality of the rolling paper is not up to the mark, it can completely ruin the experience.

There are certain ways to identify good quality tobacco rolling papers and you can do the same by following the steps below.

Length and Thickness

Both the length and the thickness matter when it comes to rolling a cigarette since they come in all shapes and sizes.  Buying the right rolling paper depends on the size of the cigarette that you wish to prepare. The different sizes of these comprise the single wide one, the double-wide one, the king-size, and the king slim size.

In terms of thickness, you should consider the duration of the smoke. If you want to go with the one that will provide you with a slower burn and allow more air to pass, go with the thinner ones. However, note that they are harder to roll. On the other hand, the thick ones burn faster but preparing the cigarette is a lot easier.


When it comes to the ingredients of the paper, it is necessary to avoid those that contain harmful chemicals like that of chlorine, or calcium carbonate. The ingredients of the paper contribute to the taste and the rate of the burn along with the difficulty in rolling.

The best papers are made of wood pulp, rice, or other organic materials that are safe for your health. The rolling paper for tobacco that is made with rice burns slow but is tough to roll and is tasteless. On the other hand, those made with paper pulp are easier to roll and burns faster. There is also another type of rolling paper made with hemp. These are moderately difficult when it comes to rolling. These papers burn slow and do not go out easily.

Paper Colours

Apart from the classic white rolling papers come in other colours as well. A paper that is not white in colour generally contains additives to enhance the flavour or taste but it is best to check out their composition as we have mentioned above. There are several white papers as well which contain harmful chemicals and these are specifically used to slow the rate of burn. However, it is always a good idea to go with the ones that are made with natural substances.

To enhance your smoking experience it is always a good idea to buy the tobacco rolling papers from reputed companies as they produce quality products that are safe.



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