Identifying the Importance of Relative Humidity in a Grow Tent


“We might think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it’s our garden that is nurturing us.”

Every nature lover and avid gardener is aware of such philosophical contexts. It’s the motivation for keeping their love for gardening above all. However, the busy life in today does not always permit them to go in the outdoor yard and spend hours in nurturing the plants for their good.

With the emergence of hydroponics system, applicable for indoor gardening, the problem seemed to be sorted out. However, people who were habituated with outdoor gardening found a certain level of difficulty in this.

Relative Humidity in Grow Tent

Setting Humidity Level is a Real Challenge

Let’s hear the story of Lucas here. He had a yard in front of his previous house, and his enthusiasm for gardening was at the peak at that point. However, he had to move his home, and in the new apartment, there was no place for gardening. So, he switched to indoor gardening and bought a grow box at once, but he messed up.

Initially, he struggled with fixing the light and watering the plants. However, with time, the issue got resolved. Still, he could not manage his way with the humidity part. Even after all the related research work, he could not set the humidity level accurately, and for that reason, all his efforts went in vain.

But, what was so challenging about this part? Let’s find out what it is all about.

How to Find if Humidity is Low?

When you are trying to grow your plants without setting the humidity appropriately, it will directly leave an impact on the growth. Trees need moisture, and once you fail to set the moisture accurately, the plants will start showing the signs of that. The most prominent one among those is the leaves will get crooked and go upside.

The adequate humidity suggests that the leaves are full of moisture and they look fresh. However, once those go out of moisture, leaves get crooked up, get dry, and as the final result, the plant starts to die.

How to Take Control of the Humidity?

Plants, like every other human being, may not be receptive towards any sudden change in the environment. So, you have to move slow and steady in this case.

Moving the propagator lid gradually will let you win the game. Make sure you open up the lid slowly, one inch in a day to expose the plans to environmental moisture. However, if you do it abruptly, it will eventually prove to be bad for the health of your plant.

Use the Humidifier Appropriately

One of the biggest mistakes that Lucas did was not taking help of a humidifier and got started to go with the box just like that.

Well, you should certainly avoid doing it. The relative humidity level should be 60% to make sure the plant is getting the required moisture.

Don’t just start using the humidifier without knowing the right ways to control it. Read the instruction manual or ask the experts associated with the grow tent gardening to know the proper rules of operating a humidifier.

It is often said that the person who plants a garden, plants happiness.

Be the person and if you don’t have a piece of land for making your wish real, go for indoor gardening following the right rules.

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