Importance of self care for nurses and how to overcome their problems


Whenever you think of a nurse, the first thing that would come to mind is ‘compassionate’. Well, nurses are trained to be gentle, humble and caring, and they do so at the optimal level. Whether it is the children they are taking care of or the aged, they are known to empathise equally.

Most hospitals and similar units that house aged care disability & nursing employees are known to come across internal employee issues where the nurses face shift issues, violence at work, shortage of nursing staff, etc. and all of these is the result of the improper care that nurses take of themselves. Being a nurse is a strenuous job, and when it comes to giving the effort of taking care of the patients, it is often that they forget to take care of their health and fall sick.

Well, when spoken to nurses, most of them came up with an excuse saying that there would be no one to take care of the patients and the reporting nurse would make it affect the job. This is a grave issue that needs addressing, and there is a need to ensure that the nurses are in their best health to help patients recover.

Here are a few reasons that nurse come up with for being there at work despite being sick.

Not wanting to be a burden on the fellow nurses – When a particular nurse on duty doesn’t turn up, it is often the other nurses who have to multitask and pay heed to multiple patients while covering up one of them not being there. It often gets tedious especially when the responsibility involves helping people with serious illnesses and monitoring them round the clock. Nurses understand this and therefore still turn up even when they aren’t well.

The care that a patient needs – There are times when a patient, in particular, is known to get attached to their nurse especially when it involves home care. The way things are briefed to a particular nurse and how things are conducted cannot be the same as a replacement. The needs of the patient get to occupy an important place rather than worrying about their own health. This is another reason why nurses ignore their health and the circumstances.

Strict work norms – There are times when hospitals and health care agencies put out stringent norms that are to be followed by nurses and it is often seen that unless they are gravely sick, they are to be there at work. Consequences such as demoting their position, salary deduction as well as putting up with difficult nursing tasks are known to fear nurses, and that is why they turn up for work no matter how sick they are.

The confusion on how sick they are not to work – Types of sicknesses that a person suffers from are known to vary and often depending on the situations is it known to be decided upon. Most nurses do not know about what would term them as ‘gravely sick’ as they are known to be tired all the time due to the strain that they undertake as well as when they do not pay heed to their eating and sleeping habits.

These are the situations that need to be taken up and paid attention to as without nurses, patients wouldn’t be able to witness a comfortable recovery, and with sick nurses around, there are lesser chances of recovery.



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