Injuries That Wrong Pressure Cleaning Tactics Can Inflict


Pressure cleaning is a risky business – to start with. The machines that are used in pressure cleaning are extremely powerful devices, with tiny nozzles through which the water gushes out at tremendous speed under the influence of an enormous amount of pressure (hence the name ‘pressure washing’).

Now, the careless use of these devices can lead to serious injuries that at times can even turn out fatal. Remember, a pressure washer on an average emits water at 2000 to 4000 PSI. The power-emitting capacity of an electric pressure washer is 1000 PSI. So from this, you can easily imagine the effect it will have on human skin when it is exposed to this enormous amount of pressure.

This is one good reason, why should never try pressure washing yourself if you are not an expert. You should always leave it to be done by a professional who has been in pressure cleaning in Sunshine Coast like in any other place, for a long period.

The Types of Injuries

These devices are capable of inflicting serious injuries and wounds that will take time to heal. This is primarily because the injuries caused by pressure washers are never superficial. Thanks to the enormous pressure of the water, it always cuts through the skin and the flesh, causing deep gushes that cause profuse bleeding, caused by severe rupture of tissues, nerves, and veins.

Let us take a brief look at the types of injuries

Injuries caused by pressure washers include:


This is the most common form of injury. To protect themselves from it the pros would put on specialised protective clothing, closed shoes and gloves to make sure, even if they come in direct contact with the water, the skin is not exposed directly to the pressure.

Also, the professionals will never aim the device at anyone and will not press the trigger until unless they are absolutely sure of the safety of anyone around.

Slips and Falls

This is another very common mishap while working with pressure cleaners. If and when the water is inadvertently directed towards the ankle or the lower portion of anyone’s body, the sheer impact of the water and the pressure it expert will be more than enough for the person to lose balance, slip and fall. It causes bone fractures, or breaking of bones, or sprained or dislocated waist.

Pressure washers are professional tools. Hence when it comes to using it, 100% care needs to be taken, and the right procedure has to be followed. This is to make sure, any act of carelessness or foolishness does not lead to anyone’s suffering for a lifetime.

If these two are the two most common injuries, serious eye injuries and even blindness cannot be ruled out. Another not-so-common-but-possible injury is the high-pressure injection injury, which happens when tiny debris in the form of shrapnel fly off and penetrate the skin and get gets deep inside the muscle.

Hence you see, when you need pressure cleaning for your property maintenance in Sunshine Coast, summon a professional instead of trying things yourself. It may prove to be fatal and costly in several ways!!!



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