Installation of CCTV Cameras on Trees – An Overview


Enough has been written and discussed the strategic points where the CCTV cameras need to be installed for the benefits of the households. Frankly speaking, choosing vantage points for the installation of CCTV cameras ask for a great deal of improvisation. Things are more like playing cat and mice game with the gate crashers and burglars. It is all about which side outwits the other first.

Therefore, putting up CCTV cameras as conventional strategic points might just not be enough when it comes to outsmarting today’s nefarious souls. You need something more – may be going some extra steps that will make all the difference.

What about installing the security cameras on trees? Well, for households in Sydney with a sprawling garden and a lot of trees and greenery, going a few extra miles to install these cams is much easier. Even the best CCTV camera installers in Sydney will say so.

Looking For the Right Branch 

This is the most important aspect of home CCTV cameras in Sydney when it comes to installing them on a tree. The branch has to be stout enough to withstand the strongest of winds. You, after all, cannot let your high tech camera take to the ground in a mild storm, simply because the branch it was hooked up to, couldn’t withstand the force of the wind!!!

You need to make sure that the branch has a big enough perimeter to hold the screws and the bolts. Besides, the position and the structure of the branch have to be such that once installed, the camera will be able to have an unhindered view of the area, being put under surveillance.

Another factor that must be taken into account is the distance of the tree from the premise or the house. Regardless of whether it’s a wired or wireless system, the closer the tree is to the property, it’s better – either that will mean you need less wiring or because the feeds will be better.

Concealing the Cameras

The best way is to use the trees to install the cameras to conceal it cleverly. The professionals during CCTV installation in Sydney will generally look for the intersection of two branches to install the cams. There are two reasons behind it. These are the strongest parts of branches and they help in camouflaging and concealing the cams in a great way. And the canopy of thick leaves and twigs overhead protect the cams more from the hazards.

Thus you see, the experts, while installing these cams on trees will look for these issues, for a perfect installment.



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