Installing Steel Brackets for Handrails – A Brief Account


Steel brackets are used for securing handrails to the walls. If the brackets are installed improperly, or if they are structurally defective, then handrails will simply fall off, leaving holes in the walls.

How to install the brackets safely

You need to not only get the best brackets but also install them in the best possible way to make the most out of them. That is why it is important to know the best way to install them on the wall. While you decide the location, make sure you choose one, which is at least 36 inches from the bottom riser edge and at least 6 inches from the end of the railing area.

Remember, the handrail would be handling a fair amount of pressure and hence only the best steel in Brisbane will be able to do justice to the very purpose of the brackets. In addition, the position of the brackets needs to be perfect and for that, pencil markings can come in handy. They will help you mark the location for the screw holes. Use 1/8 inch drill to dig up holes and install the crews.

Then place the handrail in a proper position, and using a pencil mark the holes in the brackets. Remove the handrail and then drill the pilot holes. Make sure that the screws get in the wall creating an angle. Keeping the alignment right is a tough task. Hence, you need to make the starter openings at first.

Once the starter openings are made, install the screws through your bracket and then attach the handrail to the bottom as well as the side brackets, so that it gets the required support to stay in place. If you are to install additional handrails, measure the space that lies in between the top and the bottom brackets, and then proceed for the installation.

These steel brackets are designed and manufactured impeccably, so much so that the wall is never weakened after their installation.

Tips for Proper Installation

Firstly, to ensure that you do not damage the wall, you need to take some precautions. For instance, before starting off, you need to tap the wall by a hammer and listen whether the sound that generates is hollow or not.

Again, to be sure that handrail does not pull off you need to install perfect brackets, and brackets that are made from the best steel metal in Brisbane. Therefore, look for a company that comes out with the best steel brackets so that your investment is justified.



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