iPhone or iPad? Know a Few Technical Things to Choose the suitable One


If you put an iPhone and iPad side by side, it’s easy to identify them by the way they look- the iPad is several times larger than the iPhone. Both the devices run on the same operating system that use the same CPUs and GPUs (similar, but not identical). Though both of the devices have several overlapping features, the main difference comes when it relates to the usage- iPhone being a smartphone and iPad being a tablet.

  • The Gui Design: Due to a wide difference in the screen size, it becomes necessary to create the user interfaces accordingly to bring the difference in the user experiences. According to iPad Repairs Figtree, the interfaces are designed in native or hybrid methods of app development using the cross-platform tools for both iPad and iPhone. But, there is a vast difference in the maintenance of the user interface for each of them. You can find the details in the HIGs or Human Interface Guidelines that use synchronised tools for creating the UI.

The two devices also use different aspect ratios. For example, the iPhone 5 comes with the aspect ratio 16:9, whereas the iPad has 4:3 aspect ratio. It means the iPhone apps on the iPad can result in the stretched-out display or a black border surrounding the app display.

  • Phone Calls: When it comes to dealing with calls, the iPhone can be used to make phone calls over the cellular network, which you can’t do with your iPad. Even if the iPhone is able to operate over the cellular networks, iPad comes with 2 versions- one is with the cellular network, and another one can’t use that.
  • You Can Use Split View for Better Multitasking: According to iPad repairs in Wollongong, it is one of the biggest advantage introduced in iPad. It gives you access to see two apps side-by-side. For example, you’re viewing multiple webpages, alongside a doc file- Open one app in the normal way and drag up the second app’s icon from the dock to the right or left of the edge of the display. Even, the screen will split into two halves with an adjustable divider through the middle of the screen.
  • You Can Put All Important Apps on the Dock: The iPad makes it super easy to open frequently used apps by putting them on the dock. On the other hand, iPhone, by contrast, let you keep the respective app or folder down there.

However, putting the doc files in the dock not only increases your productivity but also make it easy to access an app with a split-screen for multitasking.

Lastly, copying items from your iPhone to iPad got easy. You may want to use an image or text file on the iPad. Apple made it east as long as you’re connected to the iCloud account, with the same Wi-Fi and enabled Bluetooth.



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