Is It Feasible to Build Above Ground Fibreglass Pools? Know How!


Being a dealer and installer of fibreglass pools, I have been asked a number of times by some of my customers that whether a pool structure can be built above the ground or not! Well, I want to clear the fact that fibreglass pools can be installed inground or above the ground. However, there is no complete on-ground installation is possible without the support of backfill material.

Usually, the above-ground installation is done when the shell is installed with up to 18 inches out of the ground.

Here are 4 reasons why people opt for fibreglass pool installation above the ground-

  • It is a less expensive method of construction
  • When there is a chance of flooding in the yard and homeowners want to install the pool above the flood plain.
  • When the homeowner wants to leave the downhill side exposed with a pool built on the hilly area.
  • When a homeowner is looking for a pool deck that comes off with a higher level of their house.


  • It is less expensive to build an above ground fibreglass pools: As the above-ground fibreglass swimming pool installation is done partially or entirely out of the ground, it takes less expenses. In case of inground pools made of vinyl, concrete or fibreglass, you may need additional costs for electrical hook up for lights, landscaping as well as decking around the pool, heating, pool cover, filters and a few more. In case of above ground pool, there are 3 main costs involve- the price of the pool, price of the installation and the surrounding structure.


  • A pool above the flood plain: In case of above ground pool, you will get a uniform depth to choose from. On the other hand, you will get the choice of depths for inground pools. There is no doubt that elevating a fibreglass pool in low-lying areas can help if any flood happens. So, there will be no more mess with normal pool water.


  • Require additional retaining walls around the shell: The purpose of adding a retaining wall is necessary for ensuring the pool integrity when the pool is not curved. So, if you have a square “above ground” pool, retaining walls allow up to 18 inches above the ground. For example, if a pool needs to be elevated up to 3 feet, simply ask a fibreglass pool builders to build retaining walls around the pool with 18 inches above the grade. The framed deck will then cover the exposed backfill material and wall.

An above-ground pool offers a far greater convenience at a lower cost, as it sits on the surface of your yard, instead of requiring you to dig into the ground. Hence, there is a fewer construction cost involved at the initial stage. However, you may make it aesthetically pleasing upon building deck or surrounding structure.



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