Is It Water Accumulation in Fridge Bothering You? Know the Reasons


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Do you often find water in your refrigerator gets accumulated on the shelves and runs down through the vegetable drawer? Well, this is the situation with not so serious issue, but comes up with a constant mess that causes water to flow out of the front door. Thus, identifying the source of water accumulation as soon as possible should be in your priority list. Let’s make your task a bit easy jotting down these possible reasons of why water condensation happens.

1. Clogged Drain

If there are puddles of water at the bottom surface of your fridge, then most likely the problem is there up above your freezer. Usually, the defrosting system of freezer gets turned on the heater several times a day to melt off the frost, and the water gets deposited on the evaporator coils that get channelled into the drain pan at the bottom of the refrigerator. What if the refrigerator drain gets clogged? It will get overflown with water. Fisher and Paykel fridge repair specialists suggest pouring the hot water into the drain to solve this issue.

2. Sweating

If there is sweating of fresh food inside, it could cause water accumulation in your refrigerator. If you see that your refrigerator walls are getting wet, then there could probably a problem with your gaskets. Since the rubber gasket surrounds the door opening, it keeps the air breaching when the door is closed. However, if the refrigerator fails to do so, it will experience the condensation resulting in the droplets running down the walls.

3. Spill

If you can’t find any physical problem with your refrigerator, the problem could be with the bottle of water or can of liquid. If you want to keep a container of your bottled water, check if it is leaking or lack proper adjustment of the bottle cap.

4. Water Dispenser

If there is a water dispenser built into the door, then a chance of water accumulation is there due to the leak in the dispenser. Moreover, the water dispenser could have a bad hose connection or tubes that carry water through the refrigerator for chilling can leak and drip into the main compartment. It may need you to take the panels off from the refrigerator to find the breach. Call professionals for fridge repairs in Sydney to find the problem as well as locate it consulting with the professionals.

Hope you have got these details useful with some good insights of how a fridge works and what causes the water accumulation.



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