“Is My Immigration Agent Going To Check My Social Media Account?”


This post educates the readers whether immigration authorities investigate your social media accounts or not. Relevant facts are given below for the readers.As per records, Immigration Authorities of powerful countries like the US and Australia have been monitoring social media to investigate potential social media fraud incidents from 2010 onwards.And that answers the question- Whether Your Social Media Is Under The Radar Of Immigration Agents Or Not. As per the norms, anyone who is applying for a Partner Visa green card or a change in their immigration status- will have to accept that their social media will be reviewed. 

So… to avoid any confusion or hindrances in your partner’s VISA application, it is recommended to put information that is consistent both for you and your partner.

Digging Deeper Into This Concept

In the words of Derek Martyn- a migration agent for Partner Visa in Sydney answers these two common queries.

Is It Pivotal For You And Your Partner To Be Social Media Official (especially Facebook)?

Truth be told, the immigration department doesn’t require you and your partner to be FB official. However, what they do require is for both of you to display the relationship status as ‘Single, ‘In a relationship’ or ‘In An Open Relationship.’
Furthermore; during the reviewing stage; you can expect some questions regarding the details you have put in.

Will There Will a Problem If You And Your Partner Do Not Have a Social Media Presence?

This is another popular query that a lot of couples ask their Partner Visa in Australia. Again truth be told, it is NOT mandatory for you and your partner to have a genuine social media presence for your Partner Visa application.
Just having public evidence of both couples will be enough for the reviewing process. But; you never know when things can go wrong and so it is important you share your relationship status with your closest mates or your family members. 

Final Words

One thing to be clear of is that the migration department may not investigate or scrutinise your social media presence, or even demand extra interviews for your VISA or green card applicant. But, if they get a hint of suspicion, then can suspend your visa application. 
So, if by misfortune; you do fall under the immigration scanner or a fraud marriage (or any other immigration fraud), then take advice from an experienced and qualified Partner Visa agent serving Sydney.As for your social media account, ensure that you don’t keep any overdramatic experiences of their personal lives. The last thing you want is your VISA application to get halted for such matters.



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