Is Summer an Ideal Time for Deck Staining? Find Out


Those who have timber deck in their property will undoubtedly agree to the fact that not taking proper care of it will accelerate the weathering process. Proper cleaning, sanding and applying preservatives is essential to make sure the timber deck is protected.

But, did you know that summer can turn out to be the evil one for your deck? Be it the UV rays or the unwanted moisture that leads to premature wearing of the exterior timber floor; summer can pour water into your investment. So, when it comes to finding out the right solution in this context, the experts will tell you to choose the specialist services of deck staining to save from the costly repairing.

Before getting into the question that whether summer is the ideal time for this process or not, let’s find out how the experts of deck staining in Perth will leave you with awesome benefits this summer.

  • It protects from harsh UV rays
  • It eradicates the fungal growth in timber
  • It keeps moisture intrusion at bay
  • It brings back the natural lustre of the wood

Now, let’s come to the other point. Summer can be the ideal time for timber staining only if you follow the rules spelled by the specialists.

Choose the First Hour of the Day

It is recommended not to let the professionals work for staining under direct sunlight as the stain will get too dry and that too within the minimum time gap. The staining preservative will not be able to work on the wood properly. Choosing the dawn light will be ideal in this case. It will penetrate the wood before the sun gets too hot and within the middle of the day, it will get dried up.

Check the Weather Forecast

The sun may shine too brightly over the Aussies within the next few months, but the temperature will remain moderate at this point. You cannot choose a day for floor sanding in Perth along with staining or other restoration work on a day that is full of moisture. Instead, you need to choose dry weather when the sky is clear the heat is not too much. So, be on the safe side, check out the weather forecast and book the experts accordingly.

Look for the Dew Drops

Recent news has revealed that in the coming days, Australian weather forecast will get a 20-plus point dew reading which is a lot. The problems of morning dew will be there and you ought to make sure that the deck you are going to stain is entirely dry and free from moisture. Be it the staining material or the sealer; you need to keep a special eye on the moisture level in this context.

So, follow these rules and ensure that your expensive timber deck is protected even in the Australian scorcher.


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