Is there Any Specific Time when You Should Skip Massage Session?


Well, if you are getting prepped up for the massage, you must get to know a few things beforehand. Apart from how to prepare for the massage session, you should know whether your body is now eligible or competent for having a massage or not.

Yes, there are certain physical conditions in which you cannot have a massage session. And, it’s better that you should keep yourself aware of some of those to avoid any further complications.

Have you ever heard of the term ‘Contraindication’? This is a medical term that massage therapists associated with remedial massage clinic near Footscray also consider indicating a particular health condition that against your desire of getting a massage done. Here are some of the examples of such health conditions.

  • Body Inflammation

The procedure of massage certainly includes an amount of rubbing, and if you are already suffering from some kind of inflammation, things can get worse post-massage. Therapists suggest that when you are suffering from phlebitis, dermatitis, or arthritis, you should avoid going for a massage session for further safety.

  • When the Blood Pressure is High

It is not a new fact for the people that the common aim of massage services in Footscray is to improve the blood circulation in your body. Of course, massage has a direct impact on how the blood will flow through the blood vessel. If you are already suffering from high blood pressure, the therapists will recommend you not to opt for the massage sessions.

  • Hernia Issues

Another issue that people in Australia often suffers from is hernias. It is nothing but a protrusion of the part of any of your organ. And, usually, it occurs on the muscular wall. So, it is always recommended by the specialists to avoid having massage sessions during the time when it is not yet operated.

  • Visible Varicose Vein

Are you someone whose work requires him to stand for a long time? Then, you might develop visible varicose veins quite first. A lot of people believe that putting stress on the varicose veins while having the massage in the affected areas included in full body massage prices in Southbankcan save you from the issue. However, in reality, having massage on the affected area might worsen the problem even further. So, be careful.

So, these were some of the health conditions during which you should avoid having a body massage. No matter how small the physical difficulty may seem to be, you should always consult it with the therapist.



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