Is Vaping a Short Term Phenomenon or Going to Sustain for a Long Time?


Since its inception, electronic cigarettes have become quite a popular choice among people of all ages, especially the young crowd and there are legitimate reasons behind that too.

People who have smoked traditional cigarettes for a long time have decided to make a transition to vaping. And, those who have just started, have considered vaping to be a much cooler and safer option.

Initially, people thought electronic cigarette starter kit in Australia to be a small device that will fade away with time and will be replaced by something better than that.

However, as the days have passed, it became clear, that it has set the trend, rather a vape culture. Recent studies have proved that over 1.2% of the total population in Australia (18 years or more) are vaping.

What Does Vaping Culture Mean?

Vaping culture or vape culture is created by the users of vaping devices. The way they want to use it or enjoy it is what makes the vape culture. Along with how the users use their devices, why they use the device is also a matter that contributes to creating this culture.

Wish to explore the fragments of vape culture even more? Go through the following to understand the user subsets that have kept the vape culture alive.

The Lover of Flavours

Some of the users are a true blue lover of e-juice flavours. There are so many of them around. From the sweet fruity taste to the tobacco flavour – there is no dearth of flavours of e-liquids. Not all of the e-juices, especially the flavoured ones, available in the market are packed with nicotine. So, you can stay entirely nicotine free yet enjoy the ecstasy of flavour.

Smoke Cloud Lovers

Another part contributing to this vaping culture is the smoke cloud lovers. Evidently, vapor cigarettes in Australia generate more smoke cloud than any regular cigarettes, and some people do enjoy the thing. Mostly, the smoke cloud lovers take vaping as a sport rather than doing it out of necessity. It might surprise you to know that some places around the world keep tournaments or competitions of creating big clouds.

Nicotine Lovers

The difference between the nicotine present in traditional cigarettes and e-juices is in the hit it leaves on the throat of the users. The sensation is undoubtedly different. So, those who could not become successful in managing their nicotine craving are more likely to change their preference to this alternative.

So, this is what vape culture means. Users with different purpose and preference are keeping the trend of vaping alive, and hopefully, it will continue over the years where people will be more inclined to this phenomenon.



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