Is Your Aircon Installed Properly? Clear Signs Proving It’s Not


During the hot summer seasons, your Aircon unit is perhaps your best means of survival. That’s correct. No more sweaty nights or tossing and turning from one end of the bed to another – just pleasant sleep and nothing more!

But what happens if you air-conditioner stops functioning as well as it should?

You don’t even want to think about it. To prevent this nightmare from turning into an actuality, you need to check if your favourite appliance is professionally installed first.


You may ask, why ensuring your unit is professionally installed or not, is such a huge deal?

The answer to that is simple. Poorly installed Aircon units can cause a substantial loss of energy (15% to be exact). That increases your monthly electricity bill.

Usually what happens is that the fresh air from your unit escapes into the crawl space. As this energy is lost, your interior spaces don’t cool as much as you expect.

As a result, you keep your unit running, and it works harder than necessary to make up for the difference in cooling, thus increasing your electricity usage and expenses.

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Signs Proving That The Air Conditioner Is Not Professionally Installed:

  • “Your Air Conditioner Doesn’t Cool Consistently”

This is the most obvious sign which proves that your Aircon did not undergo professional air conditioning installation in Illawarra. The reason for this inconsistent cooling could be that your unit’s size is not right for your home. It could be too big or it too small.

With professional installations, you get the benefit of a load testing to check the right size for your home.

  • “The Airflow is Not Adjusted Appropriately”

If you find that there are some corners or rooms which don’t get an adequate supply of air, then there’s got to be a problem with the installation.

What you need to do is call in the experts immediately and ask them to re-install the unit correctly and even adjust the airflow correctly.

  • “Your Duct-work is in Substandard Condition”

The poor condition of your ductwork is another universal sign that your Aircon unit was not installed by residential air conditioning experts in Illawarra. This degrades the cooling capacity of your unit and eventually causes it to malfunction.

On the contrary, in case of professional installations, the experts always examine the condition of the duct-work. If the need comes, they apply some extra sealant to better its functionality.

Final Thoughts

If you find any of these issues occurring and recurring, then it’s clear that your unit was not professionally installed. The good news for you though, is that many professional Aircon installation experts are willing to do it properly for you.

Be it duct air conditioner or a split Aircon unit, all you need to do is call up these professionals, and they will come to your place and take it from there.

Don’t waste any more time mulling over your mistake. Give these professionals a call and redeem yourself. Their proficient installation work will be worth every AUD you spend. And most importantly, the difference in practice will be noticeable.

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