Keep Your House Safe This Christmas with These Easy Tips


Just as Christmas is a joyous time for us, it is also the time for miscreants to be on the prowl. With expensive decorations and gifts laid out, it becomes easy for them to take a dig on. It is often seen that people like to put out their Christmas trees near the window that can attract passersby but what they forget is that it becomes an easy target for those with bad intentions.

It is often seen that the few weeks before Christmas gets hectic for all of us where we tend to leave our homes while we shop. That is when the miscreants get the chance to break in and grab loots especially when there are expensive belongings displayed just because it is the festive season. Here are a few tips that come straight from the experts for security services.

Security Systems

Keep the Decorations Away from the Window

Windows is known to be one of the most vulnerable areas and an easy target for those with the intention of robbing the house. There are several who like to keep the tree and the area around it lit even if they aren’t at home. When things are visible from the outside, there are more risks involved. Therefore, whenever you start the decorations keep it away from the window and remember to turn off the lights when you aren’t at home.

Be Wary of Visitors to the House

There are times when little kids and young adults come about singing carols and collect charities, and you have no other option but to entertain them. While treading their paths, there are these crooks that come wearing neat and clean outfits with a briefcase claiming to represent social organisations and requesting donations. Just because it is the festive season, you are not supposed to entertain one and all. You could install CCTV cameras as well as video intercoms at the entrance to know who is at the door before opening it for them.

Install CCTV Cameras

Keep Important Documents Safe

Gone are the days when burglars targeted money and expensive items in the house. In the present times, they are known to look for other things such as identity cards, bank statements, passports and other personal documents. They do all this to rob you of the money from your bank account or probably clone your identity and make you fall into legal trouble. Therefore, you could install digital lockers in your house while connecting it to an alarm system that can create awareness whenever an unknown person tries to access it.

Set up an Alarm Security System

In the present times, home alarm systems in Perth are known to come up with advanced technology that creates an alert the moment there is an intrusion by a stranger. While these alarms can be set up with sensor activation at the entrance and back door, the windows and any other place that is likely to make the miscreants break into your house. While you are away from the house, the alarm systems can alert your neighbours and receive help on time.



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