Keys To Defensive Driving – Skills That Keep You Safe While Driving


If you are to keep the probability of crashes and other mishaps on the road at minimal, you need to opt for defensive driving. In other words, it is the key to keep yourselves safe while you are at the wheels. Now, this is something that the teens or the younger ones who are new at wheels should follow religiously.

Here on this page, we discuss a few ways of defensive driving, which will keep you safe at the wheels.

Staying focused:

Driving essentially is a thinking job. Indeed, you need to think an array of things and take a string of issues under considerations, when you are at the wheel.

You need to take into account the condition of the road and the weather, the speed and the position of the vehicle, the condition of the traffic around you and abide by the traffic laws, keep an eye on the traffic signs and signals, the markings on the road, follow the direction, checking the mirror to watch the vehicles following you — the list is endless!!

Hence, the bottom line is that you need to stay focus and concentrate on driving…..only driving — nothing else! This is critical to driving safe.

Now you need to practice doing that, and the mentors of any quality driving school in Ryde would show you the way of keeping focus and how to free your mind out of other thoughts when you are driving.

Keeping distraction at bay…strictly

Distractions, like being on phone call or eating or watching games or movies while driving makes you less attentive, robbing away the ability to presume the potential problems.

They also dangerously limit your thinking process and lengthen your reaction time in response to sudden activity around your vehicle. This is a dangerous thing to happen during driving and can even prove fatal.

This happens to both the newbies due to lack of knowledge about the gravity of the situation they are in, or the seasoned blokes as well, due to overconfidence regarding their driving acumen.

This is something that needs to be kept at bay, at any cost, if you are to opt for defensive driving. Again, these are the bad habits that the mentors of any driving school in Wetherill Park will help you get rid of.

Staying Alert:

Staying alert is the primary rule of defensive driving. It helps you to reduce your reaction time to minimal and thus take evasive action within a split second, to avert mishaps. Not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or any kind other of other stimulants.

While these are the basics of defensive driving, there are eight secrets as well, which you need to follow. Could you wait for our next blog for the details?



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