Kitchen & Bathroom Inspection What To Expect From Your Property Inspector?


The post explains to the readers what to expect out of a kitchen and bathroom inspection. The details are explained lucidly below for the reader’s knowledge. Looks can be deceiving when you first view your new property. More so in this era where everyone is so keen to have a go at DIY renovations. It may look stylish and appealing on the outside, but you can never be sure what lurks behind its facade…

This is why picking a notable property inspector with proper licence and experience is so important. They will look for those flaws taken place over time, and help you save thousands of Au$s. Furthermore, they will also determine whether the chosen property complies with the latest standards and norms just so that you do not have to face any complications in the future.

Inspecting Most Important Areas Of The House…

The kitchen and the bathroom are undoubtedly the two most important areas of any house. These areas hold the majority of the plumbing and a fair share of the electrical attachments. And that makes them prone to most damages, decay and corrosion. 
It is why most homeowners request a thorough pre-inspection so that they can track the issues and base their price negotiation and buying decision accordingly. 

What To Expect In A Kitchen Inspection?

Being the ‘prime hub’ or ‘the action centre of the house’; no compromise should be made when performing a kitchen inspection. The reason being, the efficiency of the house and your safety can seriously come under threat due to a defective kitchen. 

In addition, kitchen installations can cost a lot. And so; you do not want to find yourself in a situation where you find the kitchen requiring repairs, replacements and proper finishing because its inspection was not properly. It is why you should always take help from experienced property inspectors serving Perth for self peace of mind. 

They Will:-

  • Check if the exhaust fans are working properly or not
  • Sink drains away when they are full with water
  • Inspect underneath the kitchen sink for signs of leaks or moisture damage.
  • See if the lights are operating and if the sink mixer is giving out cold water on the right and warm water from its left. 
  • Check all water connections for drips 
  • Inspect the ceiling, walls and also the architrave for any signs of structural wall damages.
  • And if the power points are in proper working condition. 

What to Expect in a Bathroom Inspection?

  • Check the bathroom floor tiles and walls for signs of cracks or damages.
  • Examine the presence of moisture on its walls and surface.
  • Check the taps for signs of leaks, particularly when they are turned off. With that, they will also check if the tap buttons and handles are working fine or not.
  • Examine the seals around the bathtub, the shower rose for drips when it is turned on, and the shower screen for cracks, chips, swivels and even seal damages.

With These:-

  • They will also check the basin to see if they drain all the watery-residue properly.
  • They will suss out the bathroom ventilation only to determine if it’s adequate.
  • They will also examine toilet pans for cracks, ensure the cistern button is pressed down (as it’s supposed to), and see if the rubber seal that connects the cistern and the toilet pan isn’t leaking.

Final Say:-

As you have understood so far, there’s more to it than meets your eyes, particularly when it comes to inspecting the two most crucial areas of your property. If they go amiss, then they can prove to be your biggest distress in the future. 

Yet, you can avoid this by hiring a licensed expert known to offer comprehensive new house inspection in Brisbane and its nearing suburbs.
So… In Pursuit Of a New Property…? Ensure you have someone with the experience to inspect it’s every nook and cranny. 




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