Know About Partner Visa Eligibility Proof for Same-Sex Couple in Australia


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On 9th December 2017, the revised version of Australian law was being passed that allows equality in marriage, letting two people becoming together and get married no matter what their gender is. So, now, the option for partner visa is made available for same-sex couples as well.

Just like the couple in the opposite-sex marriage, the people in a same-sex marriage are also meant to prove the authenticity of their relationship in the marriage or de facto relationship; they are in right now.

For applying as the rightful partner of your spouse, who is an Australian citizen, you have to be lawfully married. Even if you have got married in some other country, the Australian law must always recognise the documents carrying the traces of your legal marriage.

When you are meant to prove your legality for Sydney Partner Visa as a same-sex spouse, you are expected to show some evidence. Those are –

For proving the authenticity of a married relationship for same-sex couples.

  • The documents, proving your legal marriage.
  • You have to tell the department when and where you guys have met with each other.
  • You have to express the mutual urge or commitment to staying together with each other.
  • Is there any friends or family members who will attest your marriage?
  • The kind of arrangements you and your partner will share with each other based on household, financial and other family commitments together
  • Is there any legal obligation or term of commitment you have shared with each other?

For proving the authenticity of a De Facto relationship for same-sex couples.

  • You are not related to each other through family terms.
  • Details of the first meeting
  • Proof that you are living together or got separated from each other
  • Can any of your family members or friends attest for your relationship?
  • Is there any legal obligation or term of commitment you have shared with each other?
  • Show proof for Partner Visa in Brisbane that you have been in your De Facto relationship together for more than 1 year now and it is lawfully registered in Australia for it. Make sure that the registration is done at the initial stages before you have applied.

Final Words

So, these are some of the eligibility criteria for a same-sex couple that you have to keep in mind. If you do not feel that confident enough about the application process, you can always consult with a reliable immigration agent in Australia who will provide you with an end to end service, till your visa application crosses the entrance of immigration department.



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