Know How Copper and Foundation Detail Keep the Termites at Bay

Vector illustration of a house with a magnifying glass showing a termite attack

Termites can destroy your home, but Copper can be the answer? You might be thinking- how? Copper stands as an excellent biocide and works as an insecticide, fungicide, bactericide and algaecide. Hence, it can kill bacteria that spread germs.

How Termites Get Spread?

Termites live in colonies in thousands. By each passing day, the colony becomes large and well-established. It takes several years for the colonies to become large enough to start producing reproductives. According to building and pest inspection professionals in Perth, subterranean termites create a complex network of tunnels that spread underground while searching for the source of food, typically across the roots of the wood.

How to Spot Them?

They are even tough to spot, but at times they leave their sign of presence. You may find swarming termites attack lights. So, keep checking windows and exterior lights, where you might find the discarded wings or dead termites. Did you know reproductives shed their wings as soon as they find their new home?

Even, you can identify their presence with the stalactites made of dried mud or long tunnel made of mud along your foundation. However, termites may resemble ants to the untrained eye, but there are certain differences you can come across. Termites don’t have the wasp waist that you see in ants. Moreover, termites have straight beaded antennae, whereas an ant’s antennae are segmented with a distinct bend.

How Does the Copper Keep Termites at Bay: 

Copper as an inorganic pesticide works by oxidizing the proteins, lipids, and enzymes. So, copper-based pesticides are used to control the termites. Builders use wood for construction treated with a special chemical cocktail, in which Copper is a primary ingredient. It also gives the advantage of being resistant to deterioration due to sun and water exposure.

Foundation Detailing:

According to pre-purchase pest inspection in Perth, foundation detailing equally matters to prevent the access of termites to your wood or cellulose-based building materials.

  • Install the sand barrier along the length of the footing before pouring the foundation
  • Install the continuous metal sheet flashing between the concrete sill plate and stem wall shield.
  • Install the mesh-screen to prevent easy access to the mites.
  • Maintain at least 12 inches fo space between siding material and stucco.
  • Keep plants at least 3 feet away from the foundation.
  • Fix the plumbing leaks, roof leaks and drainage issue promptly.

It’s better to do pre-purchase building and pest inspection in Perth before you buy a property. And, if you’re building new, with appropriate design, construction and maintenance, you can keep termites at bay.



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