Know How Massage By Chiropractor Can Treat Whiplash Injury


Whiplash is caused due to vehicle collisions worldwide. Whiplash is neck injury that happens due to rapid, forceful movement back and forth. In case of rear-end auto accidents, Whiplash mostly occurs. However, sports, physical abuse or any other traumatic experience can also cause such neck injury.

The violent whipping action during the injury is found providing long-term negative effects on health. With the right kind of treatment, you can scope out the long-term damages.

How to Get Relieved From Neck Pain Caused By Whiplash?

Massage should be considered as the staple procedure to give you well-round of treatment for whiplash injury. In Whiplash, you can experience muscle spasms in the neck, shoulder or upper back.

Chiro in Brisbane can effectively treat whiplash injuries by having expertise in massage therapy. It is important for long-term recovery, and for the best possible outcome. You can find several other benefits of massage, where you will experience a range of motion, lessening the scar tissue and adhesion formation, increased circulation and better lymphatic drainage.

Symptoms of Whiplash that get resolved with massage therapy-

  • Tenderness Across the Back or Front of the Neck or Shoulder Part:

Just by touching the neck and trapezius region, if you find some tenderness and soreness, you’re most likely to suffer from the injury, and there is the presence of muscle spasm.

  • Stiffness In the Neck:

If you find your neck is quite tight or stiff after getting out of bed or at the end of the day, it shows there is a Whiplash injury, and there could be muscles in spasm.

  • Headaches: After neck pain, headache is another symptom you can find in a whiplash injury. More than 80% of the auto collisions victims suffered from it. If you’re experiencing a new onset of headaches, especially in the back of the head after a car accident, it may be due to the spasm in the neck muscle. Though this problem is primarily faced, the deeper form of the problem may affect the spine.
  • Difficulty In Rotating the Head: If you feel a loss of motion across your neck area after a car accident, it is maybe due to the whiplash injury and impacts the quality of life having a painful range of motion across the neck area.
  • Poor sleep: Car accident victims, who suffer from Whiplash may experience poor sleep and fatigue throughout the day. In this situation, people keep on finding relaxing and comfortable positions.

Talk to a remedial or sports chiropractor in Brisbane to treat such injuries after an initial round of consultation. More the therapist understand your condition, better they will be able to help you.



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