Know How Subway Tiles Are Ruling the Trend in Designing Walls & Floors


Whether it is a bathroom or kitchen, residential or commercial, subway tiles are found everywhere today.  Originally, it was named as per the installed tiles at the New York City train stations in the early 1990’s. This revolutionary layout is the top choice for a variety of homeowners or designers until today.

Well, there’s a difference between being the commonplace and the trendy one.  Good-o! Today’s subway tiles are seen everywhere, and designers are still trying to incorporate the subway tiles to bring the new looks, which is not exactly how we came expecting until now.

So, are the subway tiles still in style?

There is gutful of reasons why do we love subway tiles, which include sleek, simple and easy to clean designs. The most familiar subway pattern features the rectangular tiles that are installed horizontally.  Instead of stacking the rows of tiles, the end of one tile is stacked directly above the centre of another, which is called offset.

With a limited decorating budget, you will be rest assured that your investment will stand the test of time. In this content, you will get to see on-trend tile insights from design consultants.

  • The power of colour: When you look for both timeless and trendy options, it’s far from reaching the middle ground. Well, it is not impossible though! Imagine the stereotypical tile backsplash, and now when it’s the time to switch it up, you can play with different colours to ace it. Adding tiles with contrasting colours can create a more dramatic look. Try metallic, which can add the gleam for bar backsplash, and go bonza for your kitchen, bathroom and dunny.
  • Try adding unique textures: If you feel that bright colours are quite risky, consider unique textures as a low-key option that adds the visual appeal. This is also in trend in 2018 to modernise the classic subway patterns.
  • Play with the tile size: the large formats are popular options for tile flooring, and the expanded size is taking over the subway backsplash. Even if 3×6 inch tiles dominate, many homeowners opt for larger tile that ranges from 3×12 to 4×16. According to the professionals, tiles of different sizes make the subway tile look more interesting to nick the attention.

You could also try vertical orientation of tiles for low ceilings and suite rooms. However, subway tiles in Perth don’t look great dominating the entire home and fair enough to lay out in the kitchen and bathroom.



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