Know How to Apply Wallpaper for the Wet Areas


Are you looking for wallpaper application around the wet areas like bathroom or kitchen sink? Well, most people think it as a no-go zone. But, in actually, these areas can make a statement. Since vinyl is a more traditional option, it can do rather better in such places-

  • Wallpaper vs. Paint: Like other rooms in a home, bathroom work as a blank canvas that can reflect your creative side with some unique and trendy prints and patterns. If your wallpaper application is limited to small space, you can put a quirky wallpaper design, pop of bold colours, etc. It will bring flair to create an attractive appearance while changing look and feel of the bathroom.
  • What if it got wet? It’s a common concern among people about the bathroom moisture and its effect on the wallpaper. However, there are plenty of ways to deal with it during wallpaper installation in Perth. Since Vinyl wallpapers are commonly used in Bathrooms, they can be used across the areas, where they get splashed. If your bathroom is well-ventilated, you can use the wallpaper as long as the wallpaper is not in direct contact with water.

However, don’t stop there to let the wallpaper soak the water. Instead, dry it immediately. The prolonged wet condition for any bathroom materials will make it mouldy. To remove the marks, simply wipe it with damp cloths.

  • Hanging Concerns: Most property owners ask if there is any specific way to hang wallpaper in such wet areas? Well, it happens in the same way any other installation areas need. Wallpaper with non-woven backing, it becomes easier to paste the wallpaper to the walls.
  • Limited Space: If it is the powder room, closely attached to your bathroom, it’s the ideal spot to experiment with the wallpaper. The best way you can add character to your powder room is by adding wallpaper of dark and dramatic colour pattern while combining with some mirror installation.
  • Make a Statement: A space should be something that people will talk about. Why not ask wallpaper installers in Perth to hang wallpaper portraying wildlife with a trendy yellow background? It will really look good while bringing life to the bathroom. Even, you can opt for Chromatherapy, where you will know about colours with shower. It will make your bathroom a healing place by application of colour therapy.

Lastly, for a unique custom touch, you can choose to wallpaper the border below the ceiling or around the door, window and mirror. You can also try wallpaper for only one wall while making the accent wall stand out.



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