Know How to Dry Carpet Faster According to Professionals


Cleaning the carpet is no doubt a tough task, but drying the carpet is tougher than that. However, there are several ways to that, and it may vary what an individual prefers. However, if you are dealing with carpet clean-up on your own, you will feel overwhelmed while saving it from water damage. So, go through this blog and know how you can dry the carpet faster and why it is important-


Why is it Necessary to Dry Carpet Faster after Cleaning?

You must know there is a small space between the carpet and padding. This small space may seem insignificant to you, but this is where the problem starts. When the area soaks enough moisture, it becomes the breeding ground for mould, mildew and other microorganisms. It creates an unhygienic foul smell for the entire carpet area. So, here are a few ways as suggested by house cleaning professionals in Salisbury to clean and dry your fabric flooring faster. You will not only get the fresh and brand-new look of your carpet but also eliminate any unhygienic environment creating an unpleasant smell.

  1. Create Sufficient Air Flow: Take the example of hanging clothes outside to make it air dry quickly- it will be effective for drying carpet as well. Moreover, if the carpet area has enough number of windows, then there is nothing to worry about. Or the area has a door opening towards the garden or patio, then the carpet will get more fresh air and can do wonders in the drying time of your carpet. So, upon creating an effective ventilation system inside the room is another alternative to make the drying time much faster. It is also effective to get rid of damp or musty weather accumulated inside the room. However, you must keep in mind that humid weather is not ideal for taking your carpet outside.
  2. Use of Fan: If the weather outside is humid and the wind outside is not helpful enough to dry your carpet, then a fan can come for the rescue. Ceiling fan dries out your carpet and effectively, if it is under the fan, as it creates a funnel of air that dry out the carpet quickly.
  3. Use of Air Conditioning Facility: If you don’t have a fan or opening space for airflow, air conditioners can do the drying job. Though carpet dries best in dry and hot weather, if the weather outside is not supporting, then drying with air conditioner is the best possible option.

Lastly, don’t forget to expose the padding and extract water. You will have to start from corners. Corners are the easiest to pull back. And, pliers can be used to gently pull the carpet having a firm grip, and then blow air between the carpet and the padding. Well, if you find drying carpet is quite overwhelming for you, call a carpet cleaning professional in Salisbury who can take your carpet drying effort to the next level.



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