Know How Waterproof Your iPhone is With IP Rating


Do you worry about taking your phone out in the rain? Or do you still fear of carrying your phone in the beach or pool area on holidays? If yes, then this is the content for you to give you some piece of information to tell how safe your phone is from liquids. But, the first thing you have to understand is how to the degree of waterproofing in your phone-

How to find that your phone is waterproof?

To find the water-tightness of the phone, you have to find the IP rating. You can the find the IP rating in the manual or you can find it in the body section of the phone. So, what is IP rating? What does it do? According to professionals for phone repairs in Ballarat, IP rating is a two digit number that tells how good your phone is at withstanding water and dust. The first digit refers to the protection against the solid particles and second digit refers to protection against the water and moisture.

If you find your phone IP67 and IP68 rating, then it is classified as dust and water resistant. The best one is IP68, which says, your phone tested for laboratory condition and can withstand being submerged in 1.5m of fresh water depth for up to 30 minutes.

What you can and can’t do with water resistant phone: An IP68 rating guarantees only phone protection in the fresh water only. Which means, you can handle it even in rain or it can withstand splash the drinking water or accidental drop in bath or sink. Even if the phone is not wet internally, you can dry it thoroughly with a soft and clean cloth as soon as you can.

Things to remember: Even if your phone is water resistant, it is not going to be safe necessarily from other liquid types. Specially, if you want to take swim in the seawater that is full of salt. And like all corrosive substances, the seawater won’t be playing good with your phone. Moreover, the hotel pools meanwhile have various chemicals that won’t be good either for your phone and you may have to look for iPhone Water Damage Repair Ballarat.

Be it beer, coffee or any drink item-avoid spilling on your phone. Even if you do spill your favourite drink on your gadget, dry it as soon as possible. You should clean IP68 rated handset quickly, to get your phone working fine. But, if you leave your phone with liquid spilling for a prolonged amount of time, you will be in trouble.



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