Know What Happens To Your Phone Being Water Damaged


Water damage to your Smartphone is really a tragedy, and asking for professional help mostly heard of any story that you can imagine. What if you came up with an idea of taking a dip into pool water with your buddy and your phone accidentally take a surprise dip with you?

It will be a completely wet phone that needs proper care before you make it into use. However, a lot of folks let it dry completely with some DIY hacks by keeping it in a ventilated place or next to the heater. So, you might have been thinking that it is the best way to make it operable again. Well, this is one of the severe mistakes you’re doing so far.

Did you ever think of drying the motherboard or other internal parts?

Well, without proper drying, you’re making space for corrosion or other mineral deposits. Have you have seen the rust on your car? It all starts with a small pit mark and with time it keeps on expanding. The corrosion sits on the board and slowly eat away the entire parts resulting it into a non-working phone. However, the only way you can save your phone is a quick cleaning besides taking it to the experts for mobile phone repairs near Geelong. So, what exactly does the water damage phone stop working? Take a short glimpse.

Where does the water go?

Soon after the infiltration to your phone, the water causes damage to your phone reaching the internal circuitry. Hence, it’s a good idea to turn your phone off, take out the battery (if it is removable) and SIM card, and power off the phone before it gets the way into your phone’s circuitry. However, experts recommend not to shake the phone or use a hair dryer at this stage to get the water out. It may cause more damage either by pushing the water inside or overheating the device.

Leaving the soaked phone under the sun is not the best solution either. Water can rust inside the phone. It will not be visible overnight, but it will happen for sure.

There are 3-4 water damage sensors including circuits, charging port, resistors, coils, motherboard- which needs to be adequately removed part by part using correct equipment by the professionals for Phone Repairs Ballarat. These are the parts get affected first.

Failure to function any of these can cause your phone non-functioning. For a proper fix without failure, you need to bring the faulty device to the experts as soon as possible to get your phone back in new condition.

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