Know When Do You Need A Battery Replacement For Your Iphone


If you have a new iPhone, battery problem is the least bothering thing that will come to your mind. Well, people who own the older iPhone models, probably stay worried about low performing batteries. Upon approaching the professionals, you will get authentic replacements and function better.

The battery slowdown upon a long phase of use is nothing new. However, the lithium-ion batteries are the best as per the technology advancement, but they are quite far from being perfect. More the power cycle, worse the capacity gets.

It has been seen that people carrying the older model, finds the battery problem as soon as the newer version of iOS come out. However, it is not only about that iOS written for the new devices is not compatible with the old models.

So, why replace an iPhone battery?

Over time, smartphone batteries get weaker. Well, last year it has been revealed that versions of iOS from 10.2.1 onward reduce the peak performance of older iPhone models. The degrading batteries result in an unexpected shutdown. According to the online mobile phone repair  experts in Adelaide, shutdowns are caused due to excess battery consumption on a single instance. When the user use any demanding app, he or she can notice the decrease in battery

Did you know that lithium-ion batteries degrade over time due to its chemical composition? According to Apple, the design of the iPhone battery let it retain 80% of the original capacity over 500 complete charges.

However, if you replace the iPhone battery with the new one, it will restore the performance to the normal. The fresh battery will mean your iPhone will last longer before going flat.

If you want to check the battery health, then go the settings app of your iPhone and check the battery health from there. This will show the maximum capacity of the battery. If you find that your phone battery degrades the performance of your phone, you can disable the apps running in the background, or it may cause an unexpected shutdown.

Who should opt for battery replacement:

If your iPhone is two years old and you want to use it instead of buying a new one, then replacing the battery is a pretty good idea. Moreover, if you’re facing any performance issues, the fresh battery can improve the functionality while extending the life of the phone.

You can visit a repair and replacement expert in-store or can consult a professional for online iPhone battery replacement Adelaide. Moreover, either you can visit the Apple store or can visit an authorised third-party retailer.



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