Lash Lifting Mistakes to Be Aware of


We all love to look beautiful. Especially ladies have a soft corner for their eyes because they know well that eyes are the most luring among all other facial features. Hence it’s quite common for them to pursue a lash lift, a procedure where their eyelashes are further worked upon to look voluminous, curvy, and beautiful. Sometimes however the lash lifting procedure can turn out ugly with lashes either turning way too bad or not being lifted at all. Lashes can be different. If you are about to go for a lash lift make sure that expert doesn’t make these mistakes as mentioned below:

When One-Eye Won’t Lift-All

Can you imagine the plight? How does it feel like when you have loads to watch and stay happy, and there is only one eye that gives you the freedom to lift up the eyelid to look ahead? At times, lash lifting can go pretty ugly when the lashes won’t lift at all, keeping the other eye closed. It’s silly but painful! A lot of times women get too lazy to take off their mascara and meanwhile want a Lash Lift in Adelaide to appear impressive. Sometimes the mascara gets in the way of a lash lifting procedure and ruins everything. Hence experts are asked to thoroughly cleanse the areas near the eyes whether or not they are wearing make-up; the expert should clean up her face especially the region near the eyes to ensure that the solutions are able to reach out to every hair follicle, giving them a good shape.

Crinkled or Criss-crossed Lashes

That’s quite messy to look at! Lash lifting demands time and precision. Among the several different parts of the procedure, lash separation plays an important role. How the lashes stick to while being glued is a crucial aspect of Lash Lift in Canberra. Although experts will know, yet it’s important that they work in smaller sections to ensure that the lashes don’t dry up soon after gluing. Breaking the gluing procedure into 4 sections will allow the glue to work better. Mostly these new lashes are lifted in a straight-up procedure and then separated followed by which the glue is applied to work on them. Also, problems may arise before solution 2 is applied to the eyelashes as they may move a little and change their position. It is vital to find out if the lashes are in a perfect position before solution 2 is applied to them. Re-straightening or re-tightening them is vital. If required you can re-separate them.

Also over curling is considered another major mistake that clients often experience while undergoing a lash lift. The culprit in this case is the solution that needs to be rinsed properly. Taking care of the lashes by bathing them in lukewarm water is vital since it helps rinse away the solution from the lashes.

If you want your lash lift procedure to be a total hit, make sure you watch out that your expert is not committing these mistakes.



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