Learn a Few Tricks to Avoid While Cleaning Carpets


Over the time, indoor dust particles, hair and pet dander gets accumulated in the carpet. Due to inappropriate cleaning or no cleaning at all, allergens often find carpets as their breeding ground that eventually makes indoor air unhealthy to breathe. As you walk across your carpet, dust and dirt in the carpet get exposed to the air, and your lungs ends up inhaling it while making you the victim of allergens.

Well, regular vacuuming works only when the carpet is new. But the carpet, which is in use for a long time, needs deep cleaning that only professional house cleaning services in South Yarra can do. While cleaning carpets, there are few things to avoid. For example-

  • Don’t take a long time to remove the spills: Depending on how fast we react to the spills makes a lot of difference to the cleaning requirement. Apparently, it may seem easy, but the difficulty comes when you have guests to entertain, and there is no scope for cleaning. Well, try to remove the spills before it gets dry.
  • Don’t rub the stained area: Going by the instincts, people start putting off the stains, as soon as they find. The first thing people do is dab the stained part with a wet cloth and start rubbing it. This is not the right process though! Due to rubbing the stain, it goes deeper into the fibre and causes discolouration. Sometimes people use scrubber or brush that makes the fibre fray.
  • Don’t use the carpet cleaning products without testing: For most DIY project people use harsh agents for cleaning. Before using the cleaning agents, read the label to know the chemical composition. To get a hassle-free cleaning, call the commercial cleaners in South Yarra. They have years of experience to clean the office space keeping the productivity intact.
  • Don’t use coloured clothed to clean the carpet: Whenever you attempt to clean the spills and pick a piece of cloth, you never know what it is made of. Unfortunately, the sheet of cloth could cause the double issue if it starts bleeding thus transferring the colour permanently.
    Stop dampening the carpet: If you want your carpets to be in good conditions for a long, then stop dampening it. It not only causes the discolouration but also becomes the reason for carpet odour.

Instead, opt for professional help, where you can get intense steam carpet cleaning with the minimal use of water. In addition to this, hot more ware extraction is another method professionals use to get rid of accumulated dirt and stubborn allergens.

It’s better to leave carpet cleaning for the professionals, but when it comes to maintenance, you could breathe part of it. Keep the humidity level of your home below 50%. Excessive dampness can make your carpet prone to bacteria and dust mites.

If possible, install a humidifier or vents to get rid of damp. Moreover, you can spray disinfectant on the carpet to prevent the outgrowth of the bacteria. Besides using normal vacuuming regularly, clean air duct in heating/cooling system and use professional carpet cleaning often.



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