Learning How To Roll The Perfect “TULIP JOINT”- The Key Steps!


There’s nothing like rolling a new joint perfectly (at your first go) and spending a cold winter evening getting high and listening to ‘Stairway To Heaven.’ One such is the Tulip Joint(to some also referred to as the Dutch Tulip).


If you haven’t seen it before- it resembles the shape of a tulip or a small spear. And when lit, it packs a serious punch delivering smooth, thick clouds of smoke unlike any normal spliff or joint.

When rolled to perfection, they are beautiful to look at, and more importantly, they are also easy-peasy to roll.


Here’s How To Do It:-


  • Begin by preparing crushing and grinding weed (add extra as you will need it).


  • Then, roll the stem of the tulip- which is a regular joint. To achieve maximum size, use king size joint/cigarette rolling papers. You should prepare the roach about the length and diameter of a pencil. Once done, seal it with a couple of more large papers.

  • Once the stem is ready, it is time to make the tulip flower. Use two large sized custom rolling papers, lick one side of the gummed edge and then seal them together in the form of a large square. However, when doing so, leave one side of the gummed edge exposed as it will be used later to seal the tulip together.

  • With the square shaped achieved, use the tip opposite to the gummed edge to create a triangle form. By sealing the fold, lick the gummy edge and stick the triangle properly. This should leave you with something of a flat cone.

  • Open the cone and fill the whole thing with finely chopped and grinded weed. Once done, crimp the opening together gently using the excess paper at the end.

  • If you have achieved this step, next place the roach at the centre of the cone, and using the crimped paper keep it together. If you wish; you can use a hemp wick fastener to fasten the stem properly onto the stem.

  • As the finishing touches, roll up the extra rolling paper right near the hemp wick. And once done, the result you will have in your palms is a Tulip Joint.


“All That Remains Is To Light It Up And Have At It… And Possibly Pass It Around.


  1. S- Once the tulip has burned out and is about to burn the hemp wick, remove it and continue smoking the remainder of the stem.”


Wrap Up:


Now you know how to make the ever-popular Tulip Joint. But, always remember that all this starts quality king sized best-in-class rolling papers from trustworthy suppliers.

So, start looking for a noteworthy one.



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